Rumors Suggest Amazon May Integrate BTC Payments By 2022

As the E-commerce giant experiments with digital currencies, rumors suggest that Amazon is going to accept cryptocurrency by next year.

According to a new Job offering posted on the company’s web page, Amazon is looking for an experienced individual who can lead and innovate the current payment systems and network. The position will also require the individual to be skilled in handling digital currency, product innovation, and blockchain system management.

Many pro-Bitcoin supporters see this as a clear sign that Amazon definitely has its eyes set on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Already experimenting and now looking for a digital currency expert does shed light on the point that Amazon is looking to handle Digital currency and blockchain technology. The talented individual selected for the position will have to use the necessary expertise in Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Tech, Distributed Ledger Tech, and CBDCs to develop new and effective strategies that can help to manage and develop with the company’s Payments Acceptance and Experience Team.

Definite Launch

City A.M. News Website revealed that an insider has leaked and confirmed that Amazon would soon be able to accept Bitcoin and other cryptos by the end of this year. The insider said that Amazon is also going to launch its own Token by next year, highlighting the company’s high interest in Digital Currency. The Insider stated that these plans are definitely in motion, are well thought through, and will become a part of how the e-commerce giant will handle different payment methods in the future. The cherry on top of all this is that the supposedly secret project has also gained approval from the man behind the company, Mr. Jeff Bezos, showing the importance and scale of this new strategy.

Adding to that, the insider said that Bitcoin isn’t going to be the only currency that will be accepted as many Senior executives of the company are interested in other top cryptos who are ranked by market cap, such as Ethereum.


As for the launch of the token, if the systems become multi-level, then Amazon might reward its customers with tokens who regularly spend on the website as an initiative to gain more sales and customer trust.

The company itself hasn’t posted anything about this new road, so everything looked into now is still rumors and speculations, but the company’s activities definitely indicate that something is in motion.

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