Salvadoran Government Announces Discounts for Chivo Wallet Users

On the spot discounts will be available to those Salvadorans who will use Chivo wallets for paying their fuel bills to gas filling stations. Against one gallon of fuel, a consumer will be able to enjoy a discount upto $ 0.20 subject to just one condition that the payment is made through Chivo wallet. By the order of the President even the possible increase in the prices of gas too have been stopped in favor of the general public.

Prior to the integration of Bitcoin by the El-Salvadoran President, Nayib Bukele, majority disagreed and objected to President’s decision. However, it was his faith in the Bitcoin which ultimately made Bitcoin “the law of the land” through a legal tender. It is almost a month now that Bitcoin is being used as a national currency in El Salvador by the citizens.

So far the Bitcoin exposure has been promising for the countrymen for several reasons. Firstly, the Government gave away small fractions of Bitcoins to the citizens. Secondly, the Government bought a total of 750 Bitcoins and, fortunately, during the dip. Thirdly, the country is actively utilizing volcano sites for mining Bitcoin by converting the steam/heat into energy to run the plants.

At present, even those who were opposing the Government’s initiative initially, are developing softer tones towards the Government. There is hardly any criticism left in El Salvador against the Government over Bitcoin’s legalization. Above all, people are gradually getting used to it and the change is prevailing slowly.

Now there have been a fresh consumer package which too has been announced by El Salvadoran President. In order to motivate countrymen to use Bitcoins, the President has been pleased to offer a discount package. The package offer is limited and comes with a certain condition.

All that is required to be done by offer seekers is to get top up their conveyances’ gas tanks. However, the only condition is that they will have to pay the gas bill by using the Chivo wallet. Against payment made from the Chivo wallet, the payee will be entitled to avail the discount offer. For example, against one gallon of fuel there is a discount of US$ 0.20. This would mean that at each 5 gallon gas, a person will be able to save US$ 1/-.

President Bukele has informed that he has signed an agreement with gas providers for allowing discounted rates to Chivo wallet users. He has further informed that the gas prices have increased worldwide. However, by his order, the Government has been directed not to increase the gas for the time being. The discount is in fact the subsidiary that the Government will be offering exclusively to Chivo wallet users.

In the meantime, the President has further claimed that he will make sure that the prices of gas are in fact reduced a little bit.

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