Scotland’s Roof Fixing Company Accepts Payment in Crypto, Customers Include Pensioners Too

Crypto adoption is at its peak in Scotland as well and is now also is actively accepted as a mode of payment by several medium and large enterprises. A famous Glasgow-based roofing company has told that a large number of its customers are willing to pay the dues in the form of digital currencies. The customers also include senior citizens who are mostly pensioners.

ASAP Roofing & Building Co. is an entity that is based in Glasgow, Scotland. The company is a family-owned business that was entrusted to a person named Cameron. Cameron then passed on the business to his son namely Kaeleb Mckay. Now both, the father and the son, jointly run the day-to-day affairs of the company.

When Mckay took over the charge of the company from his father, after a couple of years he integrated crypto payment. Mckay, who himself was a crypto investor, always believed that innovation brings prosperity. Recently, Mckay was interviewed by the British press where he told the press that his business has grown extraordinarily. Subsequently, with the business growth, there was continuous growth of crypto payment customers as well.

The first change he noticed after crypto integration was that the credit customers, started to clear their dues on time. Otherwise, several months of payments were outstanding against the customers which deprived the company of expansion. In addition, the company was unable to increase the salaries of the employees and provide for pre-Christmas bonuses. Mckay, who is only 20 years old, said that he was astonished to see the growth in a matter of few months. But the ultimate shocker for him was that the old citizens, who were mostly pensioners, too were paying the bills in crypto.

Mcay also told that only two years ago his father started to take him to the company and gradually gave him control. One year after his joining the ASAP Roofing & Building Co., Mcay convinced his father to allow customers to pay in crypto. Although, initially his father did not agree he convinced him there isn’t any harm in doing so. In the beginning, they accepted payment in medium-size crypto. However, over time, the company started to accept payment in Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, etc.

Mcay was of the view that medium-sized businesses grow when their bills are settled instantly.

He also told that his company is located in an ideal spot that connects North England and Central Scotland together. A lot of business is coming from both sides since when the crypto payment has been introduced as an alternate payment mechanism.

Mcay also told the media that last year he got a call for roof fixing from a pensioner. He told that his team fixed the roof and later on the pensioner had paid in GBP 500 in the form of crypto.


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