Seba Bank Foresees Bitcoin Value to Be US$ 75K

Seba Bank, which is a widely popular Swiss financial institution, has predicted that because of the institutional investors, Bitcoin’s value is going to be US$ 75,000 in the near future.

It is not difficult for Bitcoin to be traded at a price of US$ 60K or 100K. All it needs is a major push supported by its rally which, according to many, hasn’t ended yet. But since the year 2022 has begun, although there are value gains for Bitcoin yet the same are not extravagant as they usually are.

However, there are institutions and individuals which have not lost hope with regard to Bitcoin. For example, Guido Buehler, CEO of Seba Bank, shared his prediction with regard to the future value of Bitcoin. He said that the year 2022 is crucial for Bitcoin. He further stated that as per the analysis done by the bank’s team, Bitcoin’s value will be between US$ 50,000 to 75,000. He argued that the reason for Bitcoin’s value push would be an institutional investment.

At his personal level, Buehler suggested that he is very certain that the value would be as his bank has predicted. However, it is a matter of time, when Bitcoin would be able to achieve the target. He specifically further clarified that his bank’s prediction for Bitcoin’s future value is for the year 2022. He said that although volatility would remain on the higher side yet reaching a US$75k value is very much doable.

Buehler further commented that institutional investors would never leave Bitcoin alone in this year as well. In fact, it will be their confidence that will help Bitcoin to earn phenomenal value gains.

As regards his bank, he said that in the near future his bank is also willing to invest in digital currencies. However, they are awaiting the right time to come.

Meanwhile, Mike Novogratz of Galaxy Digital also endorsed that institutional investors will remain on the higher side for Bitcoin in 2022 as well. If the investment continues to pump into Bitcoin, then there is no doubt Bitcoin will achieve what is due for a very long time.

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