Spin For A Chance To Win Bitcoin

Don’t have the money to buy Bitcoin? Why not participate in the latest tournament and earn a chance to win whopping Bitcoins by just spinning the wheel of your future.

From time to time, various tournaments and online competitions have been hosted by different casinos. Most of the time, the contests and competitions have been set up for the purposes of promotions. Whether the tournament is for promotion purposes or not, it really doesn’t matter because someone always comes out earning a lot of fortune.

Similarly, an online contest has been scheduled to take place wherein the players would try their luck in a spinning wheel.

Usually, such free spins are rewarded to the player and mostly earned through online casino games. Particularly, those games which are promoted by Bitcoin and other Blockchain-based systems as well as cryptocurrencies. One player can happen to earn multiple opportunities of spinning wheel which could spread onto thousands of attempts as well. But sometimes a player could earn less than that for instance 100 attempts or maybe 500 attempts, as the case may be.

Furthermore, the players in possession of free-spinning attempts can play the game of their choice in any game hosted at the casino. In return, they are entitled to try their luck for earning crypto without paying any penny.

The latest such tournament has been set up which is called “Spins of Victory”. The tournament is being hosted by Bitcoin Games, a globally renowned gaming network prompted by Bitcoin Blockchain.

It has been announced by Bitcoin Games that any player making up his way to the top position will earn 10,000 free spins. As per the rules and regulations of the game, each player can bag not more than 10,000 free spins. According to the announcement, it was further clarified that the option of winning free spins is extendable to multiple games. Bitcoin Games pointed out that any game which is part of Playson will be rewarding free spins to the top players enlisted within the game’s “leader-board”.

A total of 50,000 spins have been set up for being availed by a maximum of 50 players. These 50 players will be those who will be able to make their ways to the top slot of any game at Playson. The promotion has been announced to end on Thursday, 18th March, 2021.

So those who wish to have Bitcoins for them, this is a golden opportunity. All they are required to do is to collect their composure and play games with precision so as to acquire the top position before 18th March. There are multiple choices available to each player at Playson to play the game of his or her choice. So who wants to try their luck in a free spin and run for the chance to acquire Bitcoin?

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