Supply Chain Meets NFTs in New Offering from Enterprise OG MultiChain

It seems that finally the digital tokens industry also moving towards a collect-and-trace trend. MultiChain, the pioneer name in the blockchain industry is exploring ways that how corporations can be benefited from the crypto industry. Apart from that, MultiChain the first-ever blockchain technology company also hinted that they are exploring ways to adapt the NFTs to further diversify its income stream.

The London-based tech giant has further integrated its services with the lunch of MultiChain 2.2, the platform is specifically designed for the NFTs. The company also announced that they were facing an increased number of requests from people and pressure was mounting on them. MultiChain 2.2 will allow the people to apply and own the NFTs in certain prescribed settings.

However, the company’s top leadership stated that it is not going to transform all IT systems worldwide. Solid use cases have arisen where numerous organizations need to securely share a data set without placing somebody in control.

In the meantime, NFTs due to their digital mark earned their spot as separate entities in the cryptocurrency world. Especially in creative industries such as digital arts, music, entertainment, Hollywood, sports, and photography NFT has established itself as the future of digital world trading. However, a businessman can think NFTs as a tool to convert everything into digital assets. All sort of NFTs can establish their own digital entity and they are very much traceable from their initiation.

Coin Sciences CEO Gideon Greenspan during his interview that there is a fewer amount of their customer who showed their interest in NFTs since the initiation of NFTs. However, investors are shy when it comes to trading NFTs on other public exchanges. However, people nowadays are giving NFTs a thought.

So, people now started to think that it is good to convert their real-life things to NFTs tokens which can be managed by the digital supply chain. The fact of the matter is that Coin Sciences are not the only blockchain companies that are thinking to enter the NFTs landscape.

Apart from these two, other renowned companies such as IBM and Linux are also affiliated with Hyperledger blockchain Fabric and they have been working on developing their own NFTs. However, the MultiChain version of NFTs is unique as it is not based on the Ethereum blockchain like all other NFTs. However, MultiChain blockchain involves smart contract coding.

The fact of the matter is that the race to lead the NFTs tokens will bring in further innovation in the crypto landscape. Experts have already predicted that NFTs are the future of the cryptocurrency industry and it would take the blockchain industry to new heights.

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