Survey Finds 50% of American Consumers as Virtual Asset Investors/Owners

A survey commissioned in the US crypto market has been concluded and issues findings that approximately 50% of the American consumers have actually invested money into the virtual assets. Most of the persons reviewed also suggested that they invested much of their funds at the beginning of the year 2021 i.e. Q1. 

Market surveys are essential for knowing the market conditions and their present and future trending. Bakkt is a company which is primarily involved in the commissioning of such surveys. The company was founded by a company called “Intercontinental Exchange” in 2018. On the other hand, this Intercontinental Exchange too is a global exchange which runs the affairs of exchanges like New York Stock Exchange. 

A few days ago, Bakkt had commenced a survey. The survey was conducted to determine the US crypto consumers’ interest in virtual currencies. As of today, the survey has been concluded and its findings too have been issued accordingly by Bakkt on 1st September, 2021. 

In the start of the findings, the survey notes that for the purposes of the end-conclusions, approximately two-thousand US consumers were surveyed. The surveyed persons were residents of different parts of the US and included young and old and male and female. In order to achieve the most accurate findings, Bakkt commissioned the survey on the basis of US’s demographic composition.

The first finding revealed in the survey was that half of the respondents shared a common thing amongst them. At least 48% told the surveyor that they had invested funds into virtual currencies. This clearly shows that about half of the consumers from the US are crypto investors and owners. The findings are not only shocking but amazing as well because it shows how well American citizens are associated with virtual currencies. Even more so because these 48% represents both, male and female respondents. 

The survey then notes that respondents in the category of 52% can be further divided into two categories. One who are not willing to invest any money into cryptocurrencies not now and not in the future. They make up an average of 68%. While the remaining 32% are those who, at presently, haven’t invested money into crypto, however, they want to invest in the future. “Near future”, has been explained in the survey as the period reflecting next six months commencing from September, 2021.

Similarly, the category comprising of 48% respondents too can be divided into two. Category one, which averages upto 58%, consists of those crypto investors/owners who would like to keep their crypto funds for long term basis. The rest of crypto investors/owners representing an average of 42% are willing to sell their crypto assets soon. They want to keep rolling the crypto coins whenever there is an opportunity of earning considerable profits.

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