Sweet Launches NFT in Partnership with Bitcoin.com

According to the recent reports, Sweet has announced its partnership with Bitcoin.com. The announcement around the partnership between the firms has emerged on February 4, 2021. The firms have announced that the partnership between the firms would see the launch of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

It has been reported that the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) being launched is to achieve high-scalability. The highly-scalable NFT platform has been launched for the broad distribution of digital merchandise and digital collectibles.

Leveraging the Bitcoin Cash network (BCH) and Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP), blockchain digital collectibles provide entertainment and consumer brands with opportunities that were not seen before.

Some of the opportunities that the firms are aiming to provide include creating a one-of-a-kind consumer experience, increase consumer engagement to higher levels, and drive new revenue.

With the launch of the solution provided by Sweet, the brands will have the opportunity to bring merchandise and products to the market in a number of ways.

Some of the most extraordinary ways include merchandise bundled with physical products via QR codes, for-purchase on existing e-commerce stores. Furthermore, the brands would also be able to offer their merchandise if users would perform certain tasks including streaming songs on Apple Music or Spotify.

The Sweet platform has confirmed that it will be utilizing SLP standard and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for NFTs. Even the founder and CEO at Sweet Tom Mizzone commented on the significance of adopting SLP.

According to Mizzone, Sweet found SLP to be an excellent platform for digital collectibles. He stated that before picking SLP and BCH, Sweet spent a lot of time and resources into carrying out its research on several blockchain networks. The firm wanted to make sure that in order to execute its plans, it had the best and most reliable blockchain networks to work with.

In the light of the above, Sweet found Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and SLP to be more scalable, fast, and highly cost-effective than the rest. Therefore, the company is extremely excited and thrilled to have partnered with these entities and will be able to contribute to the growth of the SLP ecosystem.

As time passes, the digital, virtual, and crypto industries are gaining constant growth and adoption around the world. Therefore, entertainment, as well as consumer brands, are finding the best solutions for their business on these platforms.

This is where Sweet comes in and helps such brands with the distribution of digital, cards, one-of-a-kind, and tradable coins. The brands would also have the option of customizing the coins around their brand. Once designed, the coins can then be published on blockchain for authenticity and transparent ownership.

Mirzzone also added that the future of collectible and rare merchandise has now shifted to the digital sector. Therefore, it is extremely important for Sweet to come up with a solution that is innovative and ever-lasting for the brands.

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