These Cryptos Might Soar This Weekend

The crypto market consolidates after the encouraging sentiments since last week. At the moment, the market’s worth stands near $1.62 trillion after surging from $1.38 trillion one week ago. That translates to more than 18%.

That came after several digital coins surged by double digits. For instance, Bitcoin gained 22% in the last seven days. Ethereum with 18% and XRP surging 25% followed the leader as the market turned green.

As the market depicts a confident mood, these cryptocurrencies are likely to ride the weekend with impressive runs.

Weekend’s Favorite

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity emerges to be the best performer for more than a month of lucrative price movements. While writing this, the altcoin stands at $43.07, translating to 68% gains in one week. Moreover, Axie Infinity (AXS) is 79% higher in two weeks and 800% above its value one month ago.

With the positivity, AXS manage to attain its record high on Tuesday, standing at $53.17. However, with the slight daily losses, the coin fell by around 17% since the ATH.

Meanwhile, fundamentals remain in favor of the asset, indicating price during the weekend.


Quant comes second as far as crypto performance is concerned for the past 90 days. Quant (QNT) has increased by 8% since yesterday and 69% over the last week, standing at $125 at this writing.

Also, QNT is 66% up in a month and 1,400% compared to a year ago. Moreover, the asset reached its highest record high yesterday, trading at $142.21. For now, QNT indicates increased bullish momentum.

Quant ensures interoperability between different blockchains. It utilizes an OS Overledger that connects permissioned and permission-less blockchains via one gateway. Its native token, QUANT, has multiple use cases. The alternative asset has high demand, increasing its chances to surge in the coming sessions.


Bitcoin has had impressive gains over the last week. The dominant coin soared by more than 18% in a week, hovering at $38.6K. Also, BTC surged by 21% in fourteen days and 7% up in one month.

Though Bitcoin might not have the innovation that QNT and AXS boasts, it has chances to rally over this weekend. BTC has always led the market movements. With that, it will surge with other coins this weekend.

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