This is Cardano’s 2022 Roadmap: Charles Hoskinson

As 2021 nears an end, Charles Hoskinson shares his views on Cardano’s 2022 roadmap while contemplating the previous 12 months.

Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson appeared on a YouTube Christmas broadcast, sharing some of the crypto project’s objectives in the coming year. He reflected on the success the entire crypto market and Cardano has had. Hoskinson mentions various revolutions, including the DeFi boom, NFTs, and hackers exploiting DeFi projects, contributing to a loss of more than $10.5B this year alone.

Highlighting Cardano’s achievements in 2021, the CEO stated that the Cardano platform had issued more than 2 million assets, many of them being NFTs. He revealed that over 127 projects are developing coded to create Dapps on the network, with around 30 planning to launch in the coming 90 days.

ADA’s 2022 Goals

According to the founder, some of the project’s plans for 2022 are creating an institution that backs the project and introducing a formal project structure (open-source).

Empowering African Countries

Cardano has considered Africa in its business, and the project wants to dip its feet in the African continent in 2022. As most African nations lack financial inclusion, Cardano Foundation plans to create a ‘financial operating system’ in 2022’s first quarter, giving Africans access to decentralized finance services.

Cardano Foundation wants to revolutionize and ensure equality globally, targeting Africa. Early on the year, Cardano collaborated with Tanzania for digital, social, financial, and identity empowerment. In August, the firm behind Cardano, IOHK, partnered with Luxemburg Business University to offer additional education options for African students.

Meanwhile, Hoskinson stated that the project has the required tools and equipment to achieve its goals in the coming year. Furthermore, most crypto analysts predict a bullish year for the crypto market in 2022.

For now, Cardano’s price nears the $1.479 resistance, the 3rd time. If ADA bulls manage to crack the level and stabilize beyond it, the altcoin might continue surging, touching the closest value area at $2. However, it might take some weeks for such a case to materialize as buyers require additional strength for further surges. While publishing this blog, ADA traded at $1.461.

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