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TradeFW is an online trading platform dedicated to cryptocurrency trading, if you don’t have time or knowledge enough for day trading TradeFW is a good choice for you as the broker offers investment account with auto trading technology. You can sign up with TradeFW in the link below or read our full TradeFW review to learn more.

TradeFW Review

People had started trading long ago, and this used to be mainly in stocks. But in recent times, this has changed, and now we see that many brokers like TradeFW have come into the spotlight, and that is the reason that prompted me to write this TradeFW review so that I could introduce traders to a reliable broker that is offering its marvelous trading services to many traders.

Many people think that both the stock market and the forex trading market are very difficult to participate in, but these markets are very beneficial. They guarantee their users a lot of profits per day. However, it was difficult to trade in the forex and stock market in the past, but now everyone can trade in these financial markets, and the credit goes to the technological advancements which have introduced the concept of online trading. A good thing about online trading is that it does not require you to work full time, like other jobs, nor does it have fixed timings or schedules that you have to stick to.

It is up to the traders whether they decide to pursue trading as a full-time job or as a hobby. When people started hearing of traders becoming rich overnight and generating a lot of revenues through the financial market, a huge number of people joined the market for trading. That is how the numbers have increased so quickly and dramatically. The two markets that have proved to be very successful are stock and forex. However, these are not the only ones there. Other options are indices and commodities. These have also become popular recently. Then you have cryptocurrencies which have become the top trending trading product. A good thing about this field is that traders do not have to be previously experienced. Nor does anyone need a professional degree or certificate to participate in the trading market. This way, the market or trading is open for everyone as long as they follow the proper procedures. This includes signing up at a brokerage firm and creating an account with a broker. The main reason for this is because a lot of markets do not allow free trading.

When traders first join the market, they are so excited and enthusiastic about earning that they overlook the important things. This means taking care of your funds and being mindful of many factors such as security, privacy, the performance of the broker, and whether the broker is qualified enough or not. So before you make any hasty decision, do your research properly.

A good broker will ensure that its customer is provided with all the necessary features or services needed to perform well in the market and compete with other traders. Every trader is different and has various needs, and in order to cater to traders, brokers have to be flexible and cooperative. To make your search for a broker easier, we wrote this review in order to introduce you to a top brokerage company. TradeFW is a really good broker, and it specializes in forex trading and CFD trading, but it provides other options too. To find out more, read below.

Regulation of TradeFW

The trading market consists of two types of brokers, and it is really important to distinguish between them. The first type of broker is the regulated type. These are brokers which are licensed and monitored. TradeFW is a regulated broker, and it is very popular for being a monitored company. The other type of brokers is unregulated brokers, and these do not have a license, nor are they monitored. Now, why is it important to distinguish between them? Firstly, when a company is licensed, it means that the services it is providing are permissible, and the company is also monitored by legal authorities. This prevents the company from participating in any illegal act, such as money laundering, because the regulatory authorities monitor the activity of the company.

To acquire a license and become a regulated company, one must agree to the terms and conditions that the regulatory authorities set. Regulated brokers can be trusted, and due to their clear regulatory status, traders prefer to work with them rather than unregulated ones. Unregulated brokers are not licensed. Therefore, they do not have to agree to any terms and conditions. Rather they make their own policies, and this can be dangerous because many scam companies are unregulated. It also is a big risk as the company cannot guarantee the safety or security of funds to their customers.

The market has many brokers of these two types, but TradeFW is a regulated one, and it is monitored by CySEC. This is a regulatory authority, and CySEC stands for Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. CySEC is one of the top regulatory authorities and holds a lot of influence within the trading world. To be licensed by an authority, you have to fill some requirements, and only then do companies officially allow you to extend your services. One of the requirements for being licensed by CySEC is agreeing with the MIFID II Directive. MIFID means Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, and this helps brokerage companies in many ways. It allows them to compete with other brokerage firms, encourage transparency on sites, benefit financially and grant customers protection.

To secure its platform further, the team at TradeFW also implemented two security policies. These have helped maintain a secure environment and prevent any suspicious activity by monitoring all its users. The AML policy focuses on monitoring the transactions and the platform regularly so that if any illegal crime or any sort of terrorist activity is going on, it can be detected and stopped.

The second policy is the KYC one, and this stands for Know Your Customer. It focuses on making sure that whichever individual signs up is signing up with an authentic identity. The policy basically requires the platform to ask its users to submit certain documents so that they can start trading. Once you have made an account, you have to pass this step before you can trade in the market. The policy requires two different types of documents. For the first part, you have to verify your identity and do this. A government-issued document has to be submitted. This can be a passport copy, ID card copy, or driving license copy. For the second part, you have to verify your address, and this can be done by any utility bill. It just has to have your address and name on it. For example, your electricity bill would suffice.

Other than these factors, TradeFW reinforces the importance of regulation by being a member of the ICF. This stands for Investor Compensation Fund, and it basically is a company that ensures that customers are never taken advantage of. Because any company which is a member of the ICF, if it ever goes bankrupt or shuts down, has to pay the due amount to the customers. There is no way around it, and this way, no matter what happens with TradeFW, customers will get their deposits or investments back.

Different Trading Platforms

By now, users should not be surprised by the many good features that TradeFW presents. One of the glorious features of TradeFW is that users are provided with different trading platforms. Now newbies may not be very knowledgeable about this, but the software that a broker provides makes a huge difference to the trading experience. The whole trading experience and actual trades are affected by many things, such as the tools or instruments that you use, the software through which you execute the trades, and other things. This is why a trader has to be very cautious of a broker and only choose one that offers a good trading platform for trading.

The software should be advanced and up to date with the modern times, this way your trades will be successful. Some platforms are really slow, and this ruins the trading experience as the trade execution is really affected by the speed. The trade execution also affects your profits. The faster it is, the more trades you can do, and the more profits are generated in a short amount of time. This is why when you look for a broker, it is best if you take a look at the platforms they provide access to. TradeFW is a really good broker to choose from, as along with the many other benefits, it also provides its users with the MetaTrader4 trading platform. This is a really popular and efficient trading platform. It is used by many experts and professionals and has for so long been the top trading platform.

Many factors contribute to the MT4 being such a wanted and successful software for trading. Firstly it is the most developed and advanced platform, and it has adopted the state-of-the-art type of technology that has made it a distinct site and one of the most progressive ones. Other than this, it also comes in many forms which users can use. Let’s take a look at them.

  • MT4 For Desktop 

The desktop version of MT4 was the first one to be created and used, and this is the most commonly used one too. Some features that helped MT4 become so popular were that its execution speed is extremely fast and that its user interface is very simple to use. This version can be downloaded on any operating system, and the duration for the installation is not long either. With this option, you can also customize the features according to your preference, and with this option, you can enjoy your trading experience even more. The one-click trading option is also available, and this helps with trades. You can also choose to use trading tools, indicators, different chart options, and many other features too. Traders can also choose to avail automated trading which is through Expert Advisors.

  • MT4 WebTrader

This is an option for those who do not want to download or install anything. They can save time by using the MT4 WebTrader. TradeFW has chosen this so that users can choose whichever option is most convenient for them. The way to use this is very easy. All you have to do is use the browser to access the website and then sign in to the account you had previously made. Because there is no need to download any application, a lot of time is saved, and secondly, the user interface is also very simple, which allows traders of all types to easily use it. Those who use this platform can also opt for one-click trading and other features too such as reviewing the history of the account, lots of trading orders, indicators, and charts too.

  • MT4 For IOS 

Many users have so much going on, yet they want to continue trading, and this becomes difficult if the platform is not accessible easily. Many people prefer using their phones over laptops or computers, and that is why this comes in very handy. iOS users can just download the MT4 application and then start trading easily. This platform is accessible on iOS, iPhones, and iPads, so users can choose either one. All the features are also accessible, and these include customizing your layouts, really fast execution of trades, and many other things too.

  • MT4 For Androids 

This is very similar to the iOS option. Just like that, users of Android can also use their devices to access the MT4 trading platform. Once again, TradeFW has chosen to provide its users with access to different forms of trading so that they can choose the one that is most convenient. This option also lets users access all the features needed to take their trading next level. If users use the tablet for trading, it lets them access the carts so that they can trade directly.

A Convenient Sign-Up Process

One of the important and initial things in trading is to create your account and sign up with a broker. Many times this procedure is not short and simple, and that is why it is best if you know what to expect. There are a lot of companies that make the registering part really difficult because they require a lot of information and legalities. But this often frustrates users as it just wastes a lot of time and delays the procedure for trading. Because of this, most users prefer to choose a broker whose sign-up process is pretty simple and straightforward. TradeFW has not made the sign-up or the process of registration difficult for traders. Rather it tries to remove any frustration that users could feel by providing the simplest registering way. It does not matter if you are new to trading or are the experienced one. Signing up will not be an issue for you, and you can get over it really quickly.

All you have to do is visit the TradeFW website, fill the initial form that comes up when you choose the option for creating an account. When this is done, you will have to complete the two steps for security which are the AML and KYC ones. In the form, you just have to enter basic information, which is your name, contact details, and residence, and some other details too. To complete the signing-up form, you just have to spare a few minutes as it does not take long, and once that is done, you just have to agree to the terms and conditions of the platform or broker. After this, you will officially become a member of TradeFW and can start trading.

Account Options at TradeFW

To cater to different traders and their varying needs and requirements, TradeFW comes up with many account types. All of these accounts vary in features, and this way, they are flexible enough to accommodate different traders. At TradeFW, you will be offered four account types, the first one is the standard account, and this is best for beginners. The leverage is set at 1:30, and users get 24/5 customer support service. There are other features too, such as educational material. Users get to avail themselves of features such as spreads. The spreads for the standard account begin with 2.7

The second account is the Gold one, and for this account, the spreads start with two pips. The third account is the VIP one, and this has even more, features available for the traders as it caters to more experienced traders. The fourth and last account type is the Professional one, and this is for the top traders, who are considered to be experts.


TradeFW has won over many customers with the help of its glorious trading services, and these services have also helped traders make a lot of profit. In the market, TradeFW has a really good reputation, and it is continuously improving the standard by providing users with features that are compatible with modern times. Features such as indicators and charts help traders to perform better and execute trades really easily. So be sure to choose this broker, because it provides customers with the best service.

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