Two Brothers Investors of Dogecoin’s Killer Are Now Millionaires

Two of Dogecoin’s investors, who also happened to be real brothers, shared their story of how their faith in the coin led them to become millionaires. They told that they would have been jobless if the Government had not come to their aid and did not provide them with stimulus packages during peak pandemic.

An amazing story has been shared by two brothers who both had jointly owned a photography business but because of the pandemic suffered losses. The story could be related to most of the people who are currently living under the fear of pandemics. Neither they have the money nor is there any business for them to make their living.

Their story was duly covered by one of America’s top TV news channels CNN.

James and Tommy are both New Yorkers and have been residing in a family house located in Westchester. Both of them started investing in the Shiba Inu, a cryptocurrency also known as “SHIB” and “dogecoin killer”. At first, each of them had contributed US$ 200, which was in the month of February 2021. At that time SHIB could be bought even under a cent. However, they told that one of their common friends advised them to keep investing into SHIB because he thought was a golden goose.

Acting upon the advice of their friends seriously, they continued to pour funds into Shiba Inu. For doing so both of them even had to cut their basic expenses. However, as of today, both brothers are amongst the luckiest people on earth because within two months only they have become millionaires.

Tommy, who is only 38, said that he wanted to own a Bitcoin but lacked the required funds and resources for that. But he took Shiba Inu as that of Bitcoin and continued investing on the belief that like Bitcoin, SHIB’s value would definitely increase. He stated further that it was more like a lotto to him. But the only difference was that this time the lotto was not subject to any expiry.

They also told the media that they also convinced their parents, siblings as well as friends to invest in the dogecoin killer. Though one of their sisters and mother did not want to invest in Shiba Inu in the first place, the brothers convinced them. Each of them thereafter invested US$ 100 each, told brothers.

They continued their story by telling that it hardly took a couple of weeks and there was an apparent increase of 300% in the coin. Soon thereafter, both of them further invested US$ 100 each in the coin. They told that they did not realize they had already invested around US$ 8000 into Shiba Inu. The investment they made in hard times is now worth approximately US$ 9 Million and both of their own half of their shares.

Prior to becoming millionaires, both were involved in the business of bridal and groom photo-shoot. However, after the pandemic, they had to wrap up their business.

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