Universal Markets Review: The HotSpot for Professional Digital Trading

Universal Markets Review

With the plethora of trading options and platforms available with the extension of the global financial markets, every aspiring trader is tasked with the choice of the best solution.

However the financial market could just be interesting for a trader with unrestricted access to a digital trading arena and a wide variety of investment options. One such broker that allows you to enjoy flexibility in trade is the Universal Markets.

Universal Markets provide an innovative marketplace for access to the best range of financial products. For this piece, we explore this unique broker and how best to harness the services rendered for profitability.

Universal Markets at a Glance

Broker Universal Markets
Minimum Initial Deposit $250
Leverage 1:200
Trading Products Forex, CFDs, Commodities, Stocks, Indices and Shares, Cryptocurrencies
Trading Tools Pip Calculator, Fibonacci Sequence, Margin Calculator
Account Types Beginner Account, Advanced Account, Pro Account, Expert Account

Universal Markets: Redefining Flexibility in Trading

Successfully trading in an environment with diverse products requires adept knowledge of the landscape and access to advanced trading tools. Universal Markets is a functional broker that focuses its resources on providing a link between new additions to the financial market and existing structures.

This broker was launched in 2011 and harnesses access to innovative algorithms for a provisional trading platform with refined applications for easy transitions into the world of trade.

With researches based on global economic events, market movements and additions of assets to marketplaces, Universal Markets represents a strategic landmark for every trader. The broker simply fosters inclusion and profitability despite prevalent market conditions.

Consequently, it features several financial instruments, variable asset classes and has over 300,000 clients to its portfolio. It doubles as a foreign exchange platform and a crypto trading platform.

As such, it creates a link between the crypto market and other financial products through diversities in investments.

This broker takes its customer’s satisfaction up a notch by providing several researchers and tools bespoke to attend to the needs of traders of all experience levels. It adopts several policies and as such, creates a relatively regulated environment for trading.

Universal Markets Financial Products Coverage

One of the key promotional features of this unique trading platform is the ease at which traders of all experience levels can expands their holdings. The broker Universal Markets focuses its strength on providing access to the world’s largest marketplace.

The extensive products catalogue highlighted by the broker enables diversities in trade. The broker features about 49 currency pairs on foreign exchange with 12 currencies outlined as the most traded.

These currencies include the US Dollar (USD), the European Union Euro (EUR), Japanese Yen (JPY), British Pound (GBP), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Swiss Franc (CHF), Chinese Yuan (CNY), South African Rand (ZAR) and the Brazilian Real (BRL).

Universal Markets also feature a diversified Stock portfolio, Indices as well as Commodities including Aluminium, Cocoa and Cotton. The highlight of its assets projection however is the access to top players in the crypto market.

Though the broker’s crypto asset is relatively small, it ensures that these crypto assets listed are provided with adequate security on trade. It currently supports cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.

With a focus on market volatility and movements, Universal Markets also offers Contracts for Differences (CFDs) on cryptocurrencies and other assets. It also has a foresight for conflicts of interests and as such, has a provisional program that settles these cases when they arise.

Universal Markets Trading Platform and Experience

Universal Markets included ease on its platform by following the OS and Web trader applications adaptability trend. Its trading platform is integrated with cutting-edge algorithms and programs engineered towards ease and accessibility.

The trading station was developed such that traders are treated to simplicity and ease in navigation. It is incorporated with several drawing tools for personalized charting. It also opens to several indicators for informed decision making.

The platform uses a modern algorithm called Sirix for trading operations. As such, its trading platform offers a good fit for investors hoping to have a feel of the mobile experience.  Sirix is adapted to convey a simplified interface and mobile trading access.

With the Sirix, its platform is adapted to synchronization with iOS and Android systems. This interface features an extensive menu and charting tools for customization. As such, clients are treated to unique trading experience.

The broker also uses Sirix for incorporating social trading and CopyTrading features into its trading platform.

This feature particularly provides a mode of profitability for traders and investors of all experience levels. It allows traders on the platform to glean from other experienced traders for trading decisions.

However, this venture holds a measure of risks and the platform restricts trading decisions made solely on Copy Trading.

The web version of the trading platform is developed to be highly intuitive with a functional auto-adaptability for your devices. This interface features brilliant analytical tools, access to economical events and single-click transactions.

Universal Markets Customer Experience and Support

The broker’s listing of a broad range of trading instruments and 300,000+ clientele portfolios highlights its focus on clients’ satisfaction. However, its attention towards customers goes beyond this.

Apart from its integration of a user-friendly platform, Universal Markets features a 24/7 customer support system. Its Help Center opens to a Contact page for queries. Its customer support system has features a Live Chat Windows which provides relatively apt responses to inquiries depending on the strength of the internet connection.

Its system also opens to an FAQ window for support as well an expert trading support for investment decisions. Its response system is optimal and prompt.

Universal Markets System Security and Fund Safety

The conscious efforts to mitigate security risks associated with digital trading are laudable. As an innovative platform, the broker Universal Markets sets to tackle security setbacks with layers of encryption.

The system integrates protection from the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to data privacy and likewise enabling high-end data protection. While this broker gleans from the transparency of cutting edge technologies like Blockchain technology, it ensures that its part in customer details and transactional privacy is well taken care of.

In light of the security breaches on brokerage systems leading to a loss of funds, Universal Markets inculcates a Funds Segregation system. The broker, however, relegates a portion of funds and data protection to clients and advises that trading decisions be carefully considered to avoid losses.

Universal Markets Trust and Policies

The broker provides a relatively regulated environment for trade. As such, it is compliant with specified requirements from the markets in Financial Instruments Directive 2014/65/EU (MiFID II).

The platform structures its legal requirements and policies in accordance with this regulatory Directive. Its legal print embodies a KYC policy, AML policy, Refund Policy and Privacy Policy which is structured to keep customers in line with the platform.

These policies vary with respect to their requirements. However, the highlight of these policies includes requirements of proper identification. These requirements entail forms of personal identification, details on financial service provider or institutions and others.

The platform assumes responsibility for data required and collected during registration and trading. It features a privacy protection system that ensures that information of clients are secured.

Universal Markets Educational Tools

Having a keen understanding on the intricacies of the world of trading is one of the ways of harnessing the hidden benefits. At Universal Markets, clients are exposed to detailed researches and insights on the underlying market conditions.

The broker has a blog and forum that enables traders enjoy timely news and reports from different channels. This platform has one of its key focus on expanding the experience level of its clients while nurturing beginners to the professional level.

As such, it extends researches and educational insights to its clients. Its platform opens to a Market Info widget. This widget features a drop down menu that links to a Live Market Hours Feature for real time updates on market movements.

The menu also opens to an Economic Calendar which provides information on milestones in the global economy as well as events that could shape the market. Its system is a one-click feature and so, navigation is easy.

Beyond this are educational resources such as ebooks, webinars and access to account analysts and experts.

Universal Markets Trading Accounts

The trading accounts are structured to provide clients with a unique trading experience. Though the features of this account differ in some ways, they are arranged such that traders with diverse experience level and funds can be served. A summary of these accounts features is highlighted below:

Account Type Beginner Account Advanced Account Pro Account Expert Account
Trade Size 0.01 0.1 0.2 0.5
Commodities $15 per Lot $13 per Lot $11 per Lot $9 per Lot
World Indices $15 per Lot $13 per Lot $11 per Lot $9 per Lot
Equities US $15 per Lot $13 per Lot $11 per Lot $9 per Lot
Equities Asia $15 per Lot $13 per Lot $11 per Lot $9 per Lot
Free VPS Service No No No Yes
Analyst Manager No No Yes Yes
  • Beginner Account

The beginner account takes in the experience level of its user and provides them with 24/7 live support. Here, the users have access to an online financial course, one-on-one training session with an expert and access to some instruments of trade.

The assets allowed by this type of account include Forex Majors and Minors, Metals, Energies, World Indices, Commodities and Equities. The allowable trade size for this type of account is 0.01 and set lot price on commodities, World Indices and Equities is $15.00. The minimum deposit for this account is $250.

  • Advanced Account

This account opens to a 24/7 live support feature for inquiries and queries. The highlight of this is access to additional educational materials such as the platform’s ebook. Users have access to one-on-one professional training and online financial course.

Unlike the beginner account, access to variety of assets is not restricted. The assets and trading instruments allowed by this account are FX Majors and Minors, World Indices, Commodities, Energies, Metals and Agriculture.

The allowable trade size for this account is increased to 0.1. the lot on Commodities, Indices and Equities is $13.

  • Pro Account

For this account, users have more benefits than the advanced account. The account exposes its users to additional educational materials such as webminars and ebooks. Here, users are trained personally and subsequently through an online financial course.

The assets listed for this account are the same as those for the Advanced account. The highlight of this account is an access to an analyst manager. The Lot on Commodities, World Indices and Equities is $11 and the allowable trade size is 0.2.

  • Expert Account

For the Expert Account, clients are entitled to 24/7 live support, one-on-one training and extended education through an online financial course. Other educational materials include e-books, webinars and consultation with an account manager.

The assets allowed by this account type are FX Majors and Minors, Metals, Energies, World Indices and Agricultures. The major highlight of this account is a Free VPS service. The Trade size is increased to 0.5 and the Commodities, US and Asia Equities, World Indices are valued at $9 per Lot.

Universal Markets Withdrawals and Deposits

Universal Market is a platform with a goal for financial inclusion. As such, it enhances access to its platform by enabling diverse payments method. Its system is like an online cashier system and it allows easy funding for accounts.

Clients can fund their accounts through Wire or Bank transfer. It also provides support for credit cards and wallets with liaisons with service providers such as MasterCrad, Visa and Vload.

For withdrawal and deposits, clients are liable to compliance with KYC and AML policies. As such, they are required to provide documents detailed with their Identity card, proof of address, Proof of payment as well as the front card copy depicting the last 4 digits of the card and signature.

Clients are also required to provide handwritten and signed Declarations of Deposit per deposit transactions made. Withdrawals of bonuses also follow the same pattern and are subject to other terms.

Universal Markets Fees and Commission

The platform’s fees are relatively moderate for transactions. Universal Markets places its focus on transparency in operations and features a fee structure for every transaction executed.

The fees vary with the assets and the spread on the assets. Also commission are charged based on the payment methods used for transaction. Depending on the assets, the payable commission on wire transfer ranges from €25 to €50.  The fees are deducted upon transfer.

The minimum initial deposit for this platform is $250 and the company may charge a set fee for deposits made into accounts. This platform also features Islamic accounts and they are charged with a commission when a position on the account s left open for two days.

Inactive trading accounts are also subject to administrative fees of 5% or $25 and this fee is based on the length of inactivity.

Universal Markets Trading Tools for Ease

In addition to its provision of trading leverage through educational materials and insights, the broker features several analytical and trading tools to make transactions easier.

These tools include the Pip Calculator which provides calculations for 51 currencies pairs and bases its information n the trade size and the deposit currency. Another functional tool is the Fibonacci sequence which identifies resistance levels and supports of prices for trading decisions.

Margins are one of the most important factors considered in opening positions, entitlement to leverages and calls during trade executions. Universal Markets provides a Margin Calculator for the calculations of margins on the account.

It bases this calculation on the currency pair, the live price, lot and leverage to be used. The used margin is then calculated.

Cultural Diversity

This broker recognizes the demand for a universal trading platform with support for ethnical diversity. Hence, beyond featuring a vast range of offerings, it backs up cultural diversity by enhancing its platform with a multilingual feature.

The platform is registered in Beachmont, Kingstone, St Vincent and the Grenadines which highlights the platform’s support for diversity and inclusion. Its multilingual feature currently provides support for about 3 languages including Polish.

What You Need to Know

Universal Markets provide the ideal fit for traders with aims of achieving the best results in the world’s most liquid markets. With a wide array of financial products to its portfolio and timely additions, this broker provides access for entry and advancements in the financial market.

The platform supports professionalism in trade and as such, devotes its resources to aiding and supporting traders with lesser experiences in the arena to a higher level.

Its user-friendly interface, broad range of educational and insightful materials and an extensive product line up speaks a lot about its devotion.

Universal Markets stands out as an intuitive platform with its innovative algorithms and trading platform. Its platform is regulated and as such, it serves as a bridge to investors willing to diversify their earnings through newer entries into the financial markets.