US Lawmaker Advises Congress to Use Virtual Currencies as Payments

Ted Cruz, a legislator from the US Congress, has presented a resolution in which he is urging the Congress to use virtual currencies as payments in the shops, cafeterias and vending machines located within the congressional areas. He was of the view that the resolution will indoctrinate Congress how they can make good use of virtual currencies otherwise they are particularly very slow in adopting this diverse and latest technology.

One-man’s resolution has been moved at the floor of the US Congress which has been authored by Senator Ted Cruz. Senator Cruz is widely known to be one of the proponents of virtual currencies along with Senator Cynthia Lummis. When he became the Senator, he told specifically that Congressmen need education regarding virtual currencies. He committed at that time that he will try his best to educate his colleagues about the great uses of virtual currencies. He believes that when it comes to adoption of diverse technology of digital currencies, Congressmen are far behind. They need to increase their pace for making good use of this technology.

In this context, he has moved a resolution which seeks to encourage of use of virtual currencies within Congress against payments. He has also requested the Senators that all must unanimously support the resolution by approving it on 8th November, 2021.

It has been suggested in the Resolution that Capitol Complex must adopt crypto as payment mechanism. There has to be a crypto payment mechanism installed in the shops, cafeterias and vending machines located in the premises. If anyone wishes to pay through virtual currencies, then there should be no hindrance in paying through virtual currencies. There is no harm in rendering food, goods and other services within the Capital Buildings on an alternative basis of virtual currencies.

Senator Cruz opined that outside the Capitol Buildings, there have been a number of merchants who are accepting crypto as payments. It is time now to bring crypto payment possibility within the fore walls of the Senate to ensure technological advancement. He added that so far Congress hasn’t played its due role which could have ensured virtual currencies’ adoption in the Congress. Because of this, there is a huge lack of understanding and know-how about virtual currencies within the majority of Senators. If resolution is passed by majority then it will help create virtual currency awareness with the Congress, said Senator Cruz.

The lawmaker further argued that an ordinary citizen as well as merchants in the US are entertaining crypto payments. But the progress in Congress is almost to none which is sending a negative message amongst the US citizens and in the world. Citizens expect that Congressmen are more knowledgeable than them and therefore they expect them to be one step ahead of them.

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