Visa Set To Allow Users Buy Bitcoin

Since Bitcoin is now the name on everyone’s lips, most of the payments network is now integrating it on their platforms. Some months ago, PayPal announced that it would start allowing its users to trade digital assets on its platform. A few months down the line, the platform has seen massive users flood its platform.

This shows how passionate the people are about digital assets and their will to have their hands on them. Even though there are detractors, the number of people who want to trade the assets is still greater than those that wish to stay on the sideline. To help reach the people with digital assets, Visa has announced that it is presently in the works to roll out a service that would see its users purchase the leading digital asset, Bitcoin.

Users will buy with their Visa credentials

In a recent post that was shared by the CEO of the payments platform, Al Kelly, he pointed out that every soon the users on the platform would enjoy crypto services. In his statement, Kelly pointed out that they are simultaneously hoping to enable users to buy bitcoin using their Visa credentials and talk to various digital assets to help their clients convert and exchange the digital assets to fiat currencies.

He also stated that if this thing comes to pass, the over 70 million merchants worldwide on their books would be allowed to be exposed to digital assets. With that, the ones who want to use digital assets as a payment method can use it. Kelly also pointed that even though they are presently working on Bitcoin, he is not ruling out currency-backed digital assets. He notes that people confidently see fiat-backed assets as payment methods and have shown their potential in the market.

Visa CEO wants to further the adoption of crypto

Giving a case for positivity, Kelly also noted that they are presently talking to 35 big players in the crypto space regarding their activities. Visa has been able to establish partnerships with crypto exchanges such as BlockFi,, and Fold. Visa has also announced a new partnership with First Boulevard, with the firm stating that they are currently working to introduce their new crypto API program. In his words, Kelly pointed out that he was aware that small businesses were the most hit during the coronavirus pandemic that ravaged the entire world.

He said the addition of crypto would help people come back early from losses incurred during the period of lockdown. He says that he wants to see real change worldwide where everyone is treated as an equal and without any questions. This is not the first time that Kelly would be advocating for the crypto space and the kind of change they can affect in the financial space. Around last year, he said that Visa users would be treated to digital assets on their network in the coming days. This was when he talked about their aim to make digital assets acceptable among people across the world.

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