WHACKD Gains 700% Increase While a Suspicious Website Suggests Implementation of McAfee’s Contingency Plan

Is there a connection between the WHACKD, a tokenized form of crypto known as ERC20, and the death of the founder of McAfee Enterprises Inc., the deceased John McAfee, as the value of this unorthodox token is surging to a surprising level. Till Friday last week, WHACKD was swapping hands at a value that was apparently less than the penny and now the value has jumped 733% accumulating a value of US$ 0.07 per token.

To the utter surprise of the majority of the crypto community, suddenly the value of WHACKD has increased multiple hundred times. On 25th June 2021, per unit value of WHACKD was under a penny but now it is exceeding US$ 0.7. Similarly a day before 25th June, there was a suspicious website emerging on the horizon. On this website, there could be seen a pop-up message projecting WHACKD token. Along with the pop-up message that was a countdown of a plan attributed to deceased McAfee called the “contingency plan”.

It is said that both the incidents have taken place after the death of McAfee and somehow connected to the departed soul. Already there are several theories with regard to the death of McAfee and why did he decide to commit suicide. In the eyes of some, he was a victim of the justice system as fair trial and due process were both lacking in his case. To some, McAfee’s suicide was an attempt to seek repentance of the crimes he did and he could no longer bear the pressure.

McAfee’s body was found dead in his prison cell on 23rd June 2021 in Spain. However, his wife had the opposite view and said that McAfee was not a man who could commit suicide. This statement of hers was endorsed even by McAfee’s close friends as well. But later on, it was also found out that McAfee was running a mining farm of Bitcoin which he had established secretly in a Spanish hotel.

Yet the foundation of McAfee’s ghost mining farm was not shocking as the news of the emergence of a suspicious website. The website namely “britbonglogpost.com” remained online for a couple of hours and then vanished suddenly. Currently, the website isn’t available but it can still be accessed by using the archive option from the server which had hosted it. The countdown is still going on while the contents of the website suggest that McAfee’s plan called “Contingency Plan” is fully operational and activated. The contents also talk about something big about to happen at the end of the countdown period.

Apparently, the countdown provides for the end of 28 days’ time after which it would reveal something. However, it is not known what would be the revelation or what would happen exactly after 28 days. It is also not clear what is the connection between McAfee and the rise of WHACKD.

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