What Are Crypto Trading Bots And How Do They Work?

While global financial markets only work during the day, there’s always a market open to trading because of the different time zones used by countries around the globe. At any given time, you can make trades and earn money by using an open market. Every financial market closes at night and on weekends.

On the other hand, the cryptocurrency market stays open 24/7. That’s because there’s no physical place which can be associated with the crypto market, and it is entirely online. Still, it is impossible for a crypto trader to trade 24/7 manually and take advantage of every opportunity that comes his way.

However, technologically speaking, traders can always use algorithms and trading bots to stay active in the crypto market 24/7 and to take full advantage of any good opportunity that comes their way.

Trading bots are already used in traditional financial markets. Now, they’ve made their appearance in the crypto industry as well, and traders are adopting the new technology as soon as possible to accelerate their crypto trading automation.

All you have to do is carefully calibrate your crypto bot and activate it. Once the bot has been installed properly, it’ll monitor the market all the time and execute trades whenever it finds the perfect market conditions to make a profit.

Automated crypto trading bots work according to the parameters set by the trader and use their algorithm to minimize the risk in every trade. Moreover, there is no guesswork, and trading boards use the market history to create trends and execute trades with utmost precision.

However, if you do not calibrate your crypto bot properly, it can cause heavy losses to your crypto count as well.

In this guide, we will help you understand the different types of cryptocurrency trading bots, their benefits and drawbacks, and a brief introduction to some of the most popular cryptocurrency trading bots being used in the market these days.

Introduction to Crypto Trading Bots

Cryptocurrency trading bots are automated software which analyze the market, detect certain trends, and execute crypto trades to earn profits.

These trading bots need to be calibrated according to the cryptocurrency you are trading and can work across different cryptocurrency exchanges.

Cryptocurrency trading bots have their own crypto trading strategies, and they use their algorithm to buy and sell cryptocurrency according to their trading strategy.

Crypto Trading Algorithms

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of cryptocurrency trading algorithms.

Algorithms which detect a cryptocurrency going towards its historical average value are called mean reversion algorithms. These algorithms are the best to detect the temporary high or low value of any cryptocurrency.

Market making algorithms are the most commonly used type of algorithms in the cryptocurrency market. These algorithms always try to buy their target cryptocurrency at a low price and sell it back into the market when the price appreciates in order to make a profit.

These algorithms are called market-making algorithms because they are responsible for most of the liquidity present in the cryptocurrency market.

Algorithms which detect specific trends in the price of a cryptocurrency and execute the trades accordingly are termed trend following algorithms.

Transaction Costs

Another major factor which you should always take into consideration is the transaction cost. So, the best-automated trading bots available in the market automatically choose the best exchange to buy and sell cryptocurrency in order to save you some money in the form of transaction costs as well.

Whenever you start using a trading bot for your crypto trading, you won’t have to remember different training strategies and use multiple crypto exchanges simultaneously anymore.

Well-Managed Risk

Since cryptocurrency markets are very volatile, using a cryptocurrency trading bot can help you minimize the risk involved in every trade if you are a new trader. Moreover, a lot of flexibility and discipline come with crypto bots.

Since these are automated algorithms, they can perform trading activity across multiple exchanges way faster than a human can ever do.

Types of Crypto Trading Bots

Cryptocurrency trading bots have been carefully designed and coded by crypto trading professionals. Years of experience obtained by professional cryptocurrency traders are squeezed into the cryptocurrency trading bot in order to benefit the users. You can do many different types of trading with the help of trading bots.

Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly used types of cryptocurrency trading bots.

Market Making Bots

Market making bots take benefit of the constantly changing price of cryptocurrencies by making a bid/ ask spread in the crypto market. These bots fill the market with their offers and trades and let’s the other participants trade as well.

In order to keep working, these bots have to win trades and stay on the positive side of earning money. Once you set up a market making bot and let it run, it might place multiple trades in the open crypto market to start making a profit right away.

For example, if the buy price set by your bot is $1 and the selling price is $1.5. You’ll earn $0.5 when both of these orders get fulfilled.

Arbitrage Bots

Arbitrage bots work by exploiting the exchange rate differences between different exchanges. They actually make their profit by exploiting the inefficiency present in a market.

Once up and running, these bots keep an eye on the value of every cryptocurrency on different exchanges and exploit any exchange rate differences which might arise for a short period of time.

Depending on the traders and buyers present on a cryptocurrency exchange, the rate of cryptocurrency on it will be somewhat different as compared to other exchanges. The price differences are so short-lived that a person can’t really take benefit from it.

So, you can always use arbitrage bots to constantly analyze the market and so seize any arbitrage trading opportunity.

Portfolio Automation Bots

These bots have the primary feature of maintaining your portfolio and keeping it balanced by executing different trades. These bots can easily take instructions from you and balance your portfolio every 30 minutes or as you desire.

These bots are used by cryptocurrency traders who want to maintain their portfolios in a seamless manner without wasting any time.

Technical Bots

These bots have certain technical indicators built into them, which they use to execute trades in the cryptocurrency market. Along with using their algorithm, they also study the market regularly in order to adjust their trading strategy accordingly.

These bots can help you copy the trades of successful traders easily or set your own indicators for independent trading.

Lending Bots

If you want to start lending your cryptocurrency and earn safe interest rates, you should definitely use landing bots. These bots can easily automate the process of lending cryptocurrency and can help you earn a decent passive income.

The interest rates are increased and decreased depending on the market value and demand of a cryptocurrency.

You can lend any type of cryptocurrency with these bots. They can earn you a decent passive income easily and with minimum chances of losing your money.

When you take a close look at cryptocurrency trading bots, they look just like a regular cryptocurrency exchange. There are lots of trading strategies available in your cryptocurrency bot when you first start it.

The interface looks just like a crypto exchange, and all you have to do is toggle the right settings to start earning passive income through an automated trading system.

Working Mechanism of Crypto Trading Bots

According to the instructions you give to your cryptocurrency bot while setting it, it continues to trade as long as it is allowed to. All you have to do is provide the excess of your cryptocurrency account to your trading bot through an API.

As soon as you start the bot, it will start pulling data from the market and will analyze the market conditions to execute trades. The bot can automatically read data, understand it, check your cryptocurrency balance, and place the right trades to benefit your account.

Whenever you want to stop your cryptocurrency bot from working, you simply have to remove all the permissions, and everything will be set back to normal.

The API used to connect a cryptocurrency bot with your crypto account is available through your cryptocurrency exchange. As soon as the bot games access your cryptocurrency account, it analyzes your balance and uses the permissions you have given it to start trading.

Here are some stages through which every cryptocurrency bot goes in order to complete its trades.

Depending on the data a cryptocurrency bot is pulling from the market, it can detect good trading opportunities and place the trades accordingly. This stage is called signal generation.

Risk allocation is the second stage in which the trading bot assesses the risk in a trade and adjusts the trade accordingly.

The bot uses the settings set by the user to execute trades. Most of the manual settings contain information on how much maximum capital should be allocated for each trade.

After going through the initial stages, the bit continues the process by actually placing the trade in the market and closing it on a profit (or stopping it without incurring much risk).

When to Use a Trading Bot

The main purpose of a crypto trading bot is to reduce the amount of risk involved in a trade by using its algorithm and market data and saving the trader a lot of time by working across multiple crypto exchanges at once. This would otherwise be practically impossible to do for a person.

Portfolio Balancing

Your crypto trading bot can easily manage and balance your portfolio for you, analyze the market, and execute trades with great accuracy for you.

With a trading bot, you can enjoy an extreme level of flexibility and program it to perform specific tasks on purpose. All you have to do is provide the bit with the necessary permissions and commands, and it’ll start working seamlessly for you.

Improved Precision

You can assign difficult tasks to a trading bot to execute the task with precision. When it comes to selling crypto at the price you want, doing it might seem impossible, given the high volatility of the market.

On the other hand, using a trading bot can help you sell a cryptocurrency at the desired price without any problem.

Executing Complex Trades

With the help of a cryptocurrency trading bot, one can easily get even the most complex of trades executed without any problem. In order to execute these trades, the bot needs to keep an eye on multiple currency pairs across different crypto exchanges at once.

Once the desired conditions arrive, the bot has to execute trades quickly without letting these conditions change. Doing this type of precise and time-specific trading might be difficult or even impossible to do manually.

Portfolio Management

Traders usually spend a lot of time managing their portfolios. This type of work can also be assigned to a crypto trading bot. Your bot can easily find the best trades for you.

With crypto trading bots, you can earn a decent passive income through fully automated trading. All you have to do in return is pay a recurring fee for owning the crypto bot and have to get the crypto bot properly set up by a professional every now and then according to changing market conditions.

Benefits of Crypto Trading Bots

There are lots of benefits to using crypto trading bots which include the high precision of these bots, their immense processing power, and rapid reaction time in placing trades.

Let’s take a close look at the benefits of setting up and using a crypto trading bot.

No Emotions Included

When you use a trading bot to automate your trades, you effectively eliminate all the emotions included in the trading process. The trading strategy of crypto trading bots is set properly, and they are able to make rational decisions without involving any human emotions.

Instead of fearing to fail, getting greedy, and being scared because of market uncertainty, a trading bot shows discipline in its trading process.

Trading with Discipline

Everyone agrees that there isn’t a single trading strategy which can be successfully applied to the whole crypto market. However, the process of automating your crypto trade with the help of a cryptocurrency bot ensures discipline and consistency in the trading process.

Once you set a bot according to your liking, it’ll start analyzing the market constantly and will provide you with great results because of its incredible decision-making algorithms.

Extreme Accuracy

While your trading bot always follows your instructions while placing trades, it still reacts instantly whenever specific market conditions are met. It assesses the risk associated with a trade, analyzes the trading patterns, and makes rapid and precise decisions. The combination of all these factors makes crypto trading bots extremely accurate and reliable.

When you use a trading bot, there are no chances of human error. Also, the delays caused by manual analysis of the market and by manual handling of trades can be easily eliminated by using a crypto trading bot.

24/7 Trading

Since the crypto market never stops, using a trading bot is the only way to take maximum advantage of the market. You can easily set your trading bot and instruct it to run 24/7, and it’ll maximize your earnings and trading around the clock for you.

Doing this also allows these bots to keep analyzing the market consistently and quickly grab any opportunity that comes their way.

Profitability of Crypto Trading Bots

Using algorithms to study the market and place trades can surely be a profitable process. However, using crypto trading bots still comes with a whole set of risks associated with it.

The type of algorithm used by a crypto trading bot and the market knowledge of a crypto trader are two very important things when a bot is being set up.

Usually, experts keep calibrating their cryptocurrency trading bots according to the changing market conditions every now and then. But as a novice trader, you might not have enough knowledge to keep your crypto trading bot profitable.

On the other hand, crypto trading bots do help remove human emotions and execute every trade with precision and accuracy once the required trading conditions are met.

However, beware of the free crypto trading bots available in the market, as they can do more harm than good. Some free bots even have the potential to empty your cryptocurrency account within minutes because of their flawed algorithm.

Limitations of Crypto Trading Bots

No matter how advanced crypto trading bots might get, they always have some limitations. Some bots and less profitable than others, and there’s always a steep learning curve for these bots.

At the start, your bot settings might start hurting your cryptocurrency account. That’s why you’ll need to monitor the bot for some time before letting it run automatically and unsupervised. It takes time to perfectly calibrate your crypto trading bot and to make it profitable.

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