Why NFT Mythical Beings is Worth Your Attention

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have proven to be lucrative as most of the related projects boomed recently. Mythical Beings, a mythology-based NFT marketplace, is among the projects that appear to attract every market player.

Moreover, the affordable and accessible card packs seem to contribute to the increasing total project volume.

Why Mythical Beings Succeeds

Firstly, today’s market is full of NFT projects. However, most of them rely on others to succeed. Though individuals focus on sales volume, you can quantify the project’s success differently. Meanwhile, it is worth understanding that there are two forms of sales volume.

They are trading activities from a secondary market and chief sales from smart contracts by Mythical Beings. NFT projects with a running secondary market have a higher success probability.

The notion of whimsical creatures in the Mythical Beings accounts for the expanding interest in the project. The NFT market comprises multiple creatures depicting cultures from five different continents.

For instance, users can access Arab rift and yeti creatures. You will find that people belonging to that particular culture relate to these legends and tales. Meanwhile, users can also access lesser-known cultures, guaranteeing high educational and collectibles NFTs.

Users only need to buy card packs to get the cards. The card types that exist include epic, rare, and ‘common.’ Each pack contains three cards, pricing at $2.

That is way affordable than most NFTs available in the market. Users can sell their duplicates through a decentralized exchange or peer-to-peer platforms.

User Growth and Sales Volume

As the project will have many seasons, the current set might take users till 1 October. Keep in mind that users can only join through invitation links by other players.

Moreover, the invites are limited. Once traders create their accounts, they can access Discord services that would facilitate the invitations.

Mythical Beings seems to flourish since the project’s launch. The platform record 149 unique clients and card sales from smart contracts amount to 8,316.

Although a new project, Mythical Beings, with a $200,000 market cap today, is a satisfying NFT marketplace. You can consider this option when making your investment decision.

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