Yet another Sports Partner Signed by Socios

It is now a fact that every global sector that belongs to any space has felt the impact and pressure of the pandemic one way or another. When it comes to the sports sector, the football sector is the one that has taken the most amount of hits.

No matter how big baseball may become, it is still not played all over the world. However, football is a sport that is played in the entire world. In the pre-pandemic times, the football stadiums would be full of people and fans. The fans would be there to watch their favorite teams and players go at each other in order for the goals and the wins.

However, the pandemic ended up changing the football industry once and for all. Initially, the football sector did try to come up with plans to keep the ball rolling. However, as the entire world was adhering to the COVID-19 SOPs, the sports (football) sector had to do the same.

This is the reason why the football sector ended up losing a lot of money in the process. However, the clubs continued paying their players to keep them in the teams and continued going with games. Although they did not go fully into losses the COVID impact was obvious.

Just like the rest of the sectors and departments, the football sector also recognized the importance of virtual and digital means of communication. They realized that they had not been using the live streaming and digital technology the way it was supposed to be used.

This is when blockchain technology has offered the football sector what it was missing in terms of recognition and popularity in the virtual world. Now, the football sector is making all the efforts to find out ways that it can use to generate more profits and revenues.

This is when Socios has provided the football sector with a new opportunity in the blockchain space. The particular sector has found a new means of communicating and interacting with the fans and followers. This way, the football clubs not only get to interact with their fans, but they also get to make extra money out of it.

As the world is moving fast towards digitalization, Socios seems to be the right choice for the football sector. Socios has already signed up and partnered with several football clubs from around the world. It is offering these football clubs new ways of interaction and revenue generation.

Just recently, Socios has brought Super Lig onboard, which is a primary football league from Turkey. The particular league is supported by the Turkish Union of Clubs, which has partnered with With their partnership, they are to come up with a new engagement platform for the fans.

With their new partnership, the fans will have access to digital collectibles for the particular club and its players. The players would have access to even more content bringing them closer to their favorite players within the club.

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