YouTuber Regrets Buying Two Sports Cars With 30 BTC In 2017

Over the past few years since it was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin has seen a massive surge in its price coupled with an influx of users. Over the same amount of years, it has been able to climb up the chart to become the leading digital asset. Not only is it rivaling other digital assets, but it is also rivaling major stocks and assets in the entire financial market.

With Bitcoin touching new highs as the year progresses, previous holders of the assets are ruing their losses in the market presently. One such person is a YouTuber who addressed his mistake about selling his huge Bitcoin stack some years ago. Even though it was not huge when he sold the asset, the price now is nothing compared to what it was then.

Youtuber says he regrets his decision

According to the YouTuber, Chris Cut, he regrets spending all his entire Bitcoin and using it to purchase various things back then. One of his excuses at that period was that Bitcoin was just invented, and most people regarded it as a very risky investment. Even though many people were accumulating the asset back then, none of them were particular about what would become of the asset in the coming years.

Cut mentioned that of all his decisions over the years, it was the one he took when he bought two Honda cars with his 37 Bitcoin in 2017. Backing up his case, Cut mentioned that he is a lover of sports cars, especially the ones made by Honda, so it was not hard to buy them with his Bitcoin holdings. He said that he bought a Honda-made NSX Targa for 30.7 Bitcoin in 2017, the highest he spent on the cars. He said that during the period, Bitcoin was in sale for $1,000, and the car was sold at $30,500, a buy that he saw as very good back then.

Chris is not the only one who regrets spending his huge amount of Bitcoin

The first purchase didn’t teach him a lesson as he bought another Honda sports car worth 6.5 Bitcoin when each sold for $3,400. In assessing his actions all over the years, Cut mentioned that his purchases with Bitcoin were all rushed, and he sees them as his own mistake. He mentioned that if he didn’t buy the cars he bought, he would presently be worth about $1.8 million.

If he didn’t buy the first car with 30.7 Bitcoin, he would have a total of $1,480,000 considering the price of the asset. “I have a lot of regrets over the years because I bought two Honda sports cars for over 30 Bitcoin. In this present day, I would have bought a lot of the car and still have more money left,” he said. While Cut’s loss is something one can consider as huge, a particular Bitcoin holder bought pizza with 10,000 Bitcoin some years after it came into existence. According to today’s price, the total cache would have been close to $515 million. Another one exchanged 55,000 Bitcoin for a small apartment some few years ago.

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