Advanced Version of Once Notorious Crypto Malware Expected To Be Out Soon Targeting Victims

A highly debated topic on the Darknet these days is relating to a crypto-malware that would allow users to earn easy money by defrauding newbie crypto investors and traders. An independent cybersecurity firm namely Palo Alto Networks has issued a report wherein the name of malware has been revealed“Westeal”. Crypto investors and traders are urged to tread with caution.

There was a time when the crypto world lived under immense danger from the malware called “Wesupply Crypto Stealer”. This malware came into being in 2020 and was successfully deployed by wrongdoers for their ulterior motives. Palo Alto Networks, which is an independent cybersecurity intelligence firm, has informed that the malware has been evolved further. Now the new name that has been given to it is “Westeal”, which will be out soon targeting its victims.

The firm also apprised that the malware has been heavily publicized through paid promotions and adverts on Darknet. It has been noticed further that the malware has been tested and is out there since February 2021. Cybersecurity firms regarding the malware in a report as well have provided more insight.

It was revealed in the report that the malware has been developed for stealing the majority of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It was further revealed that the malware is capable of stealing Bitcoin and Ethereun funds directly from their digital wallets through clipboards.

The malware offers its users the facility of having a tracker panel of potential victims. All the operations of the malware can be carried out by operators through a designated web portal suggested the report.

One of the most shocking revelations regarding malware is that it is capable of beating almost every known anti-virus software.

Further details regarding the malware suggested that the software is subscription-based. Those who are interested in it have the option of using the malware for monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions. The fee they will be required to pay for the usage is told to be US$ 24, 60, and 150 respectively.

Furthermore, it was suggested in the report of Palo Alto Networks that the malware is barefaced having built exclusively for stealing crypto funds. The software would seek strings matching Bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s wallets’ patterns. Once there is a match, the malware will allow the user to develop a mirrored wallet of the targeted victim. Unaware that his crypto wallet is being copied, all crypto transactions executed by the wallet owner will land in the copied wallet.

A warning has been sent off by Palo Alto Networks to the crypto community to be aware of the malware. The cybersecurity firm is of the view that because the usage of malware is cheaper, therefore, the majority of crypto thieves would be interested in it.

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