Mike Novogratz Condemns XRP Army Says Sometimes It Doesn’t Look At the Real Truth

Recently in an interview, Mike Novogratz, the CEO of Galaxy Digital, said the XRP Army denies the truth continuously.

For the persons following XRP lately, the crypto has been on a bullish trend for a significant part of the last couple of months in the face of the lingering lawsuit filed by the Securities Exchange Commission of the United States against it. Truly, no one would deny the unshakable loyalty of these crypto fans.

They have, beyond the pressing issues, remain focused on the issue of crypto exchanges relisting the Ripple token while the argument of whether or not it is security continues.

In addition to that, they have begun a public display of intense criticisms on the former chairman and other SEC officials who instigate the XRP lawsuit against the company, Ripple. Needless to say, some fans of this thriving token have been rolling out unfounded conspiracy theories on the obvious conflict of interest.

The Galaxy Digital CEO, however, noted that the XRP army served as a reminder of the Trump supporters to him who are insisting that the 2020 November election was not legitimate. Mike – known as a BTC bull – also mentioned that the loyal fans of this token could also be compared to the truthers of the 9/11 event. The reason for this comparison is that they refuse to accept the truth most times.

He said: “From several years counting, the loyal fans of the XRP token have built a massive community of people that just want to believe it. Most times, they remind me of the followers of Donald Trump that believed that the 2020 presidential election was not legitimate. You really could tell them anything. It is just like the conspiracy theories of the 9/11 event. That is just a bit of it in the crypto space. Sometimes they just will not accept the truth.”

Mike Novogratz Has Not Liked the Ripple’s Token Before

The recognized investor further mentioned that he has never believed in the XRP token and has never liked it though it is the fourth biggest crypto in the market based on Market cap. “Not to mentioned that the Securities Exchange Commission has been on the necks of the founder, the CEO, and the company,” he said.

He mentioned that the push that took the price of the token to $1.60 from 40 cents doesn’t make sense to him at all. Many Twitter users responded to him that he should sell his $23 million stake in Ripple. The token’s massive move above $1 has left the crypto community in awe and speculation of the reason behind it.

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