An executive from Top Finiko Cryptocurrency Pyramid Reportedly Arrested

As per the latest reports, Ilgiz Shakirov has been detained by the police in Tatarstan. The sources reveal that it is the republic of Tatarstan, a republic of Russia, whose police authorities have detained Shakirov. Ilgiz Shakirov is known for being a prominent businessman in Kazan, which is the capital city of Tatarstan.

The authorities have detained him for his involvement in the Finiko case, which involved the fraudulent theft of funds. This information has been shared by one of the news reporting firms known as Realnoe Vremya.

The news outlet has reported that it has gathered information through sources that are unnamed and have not to share their identity.

The authorities have revealed that Shakirov was one of the leading entities in running the Ponzi scheme. With his involvement, Shakirov was able to lure over 100,000 people towards the Ponzi scheme.

The police authorities have revealed that so far, it is one of the largest scams in the history of modern Russia that have taken place in the financial sector.

The authorities in Tatarstan have revealed that Shakirov had been highly praised by the cryptocurrency community. It was his achievements both in the financial and the cryptocurrency space that he was given a title by the cryptocurrency community. Shakirov was reportedly given the status of cryptocurrency pyramid’s vice president in Tatarstan and he is also a native of Tatarstan.

One of the forensic firms from the blockchain industry, Chainalysis, also shared its findings around the matter. The firm reported that between the period December 2019 and August 2021, Finiko run its operation, and in the process, it gathered Bitcoin (BTC) that was worth $1.5 billion.

The authorities have revealed that the Finiko platform gathered funds through an enormous number of deposits. According to the company’s estimates, over 800,000 deposits were made into Finiko’s account by the people that were lured in the Ponzi scheme.

According to police authorities from Tatarstan, Finiko had come up with a fake monthly returns scheme in order to lure innocent investors. The offer they made was that the investors could deposit funds Finiko and get up to 30% returns on a monthly basis.

The authorities in Tatarstan are still investigating the matter and are trying to establish exactly how many investors had been lured into the scheme. So far, the authorities only know that 100,000 investors were alone lured by Shakirov.

The authorities are also trying to establish how much money had been returned to the investors in the form of monthly returns. However, the police authorities have confirmed that Finiko was nothing more than a Ponzi scheme. It was a Ponzi scheme that was directed towards innocent investors from the Eastern European region.

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