Dolce & Gabanna Pushes NFTs to The Next Level Via Tokenized Fashion

NFTs have shown a brilliant comeback which has been manifested through the spiking volumes of sales, especially the enthusiasm of prominent collections, such as the CryptoPunks market. During June’s end, dropping interest witnessed the initiation of a 7-day decline in the NFT sales, which started deteriorating from its peak of about $176M on 9th May and resulted in only $8.7M on 15th June. Many people believed that it was the endpoint for the NFT world.

Nonetheless, a renewal of interest, simultaneous to Bitcoin’s revival to its position, witnessed some highly ranked sales afterwards, like CryptoPunk#7252, which was traded in return for approximately 1,600 ETH (almost $5.3M) on 24th August. In this respect, the fashion point Dolce & Gabbana announced the details regarding their Collezione Genesi (a tangible clothing line supported by NFTs which can be worn inside the metaverse), which signifies that a lot of advancement has not been unleashed yet.

NFTs and fashion – a perfect match

In 2021, fashion, as well as NFT worlds, turned out to be progressively interlinked. Forbes stated that there are some shared traits regarding the distinctiveness and rarity which make them ideal for one another. It added that NFTs and fashion arts deal with collectables. NFTs are currently bringing a new dimension of exclusivity along with the opportunity for turning the collections and digital designs into the most valuable, unique, luxurious, and scarce collector pieces. By filling the gap between the digital and physical, NFTs provide a completely new way of expressiveness that was just physical formerly.

Additionally, gathering costly items and high fashion does not relate to necessity. Instead, it provides a way to become a part of the extravagant communication status and culture. In many aspects, the NFT sector also befits this perspective; thus, it has also become an expression of the status. There are different opinions about NFTs. Nonetheless, Mike Novogratz (Galaxy Digital’s CEO) claims that a drastic cultural change is to be driven by them in the future.

Dolce-&-Gabbana skyrockets with NFTs

The concept of paying a considerably huge amount of money on jewellery as well as clothing that is only to be utilized digitally is unique. Nevertheless, Dolce-&-Gabbana pursues some diversion by offering its Collezione Genesi (a collection of nine-piece NFT in collaboration with the marketplace UNXD). As per Vogue, numerous thousands of purchasers have recently in advance to the auction, which will begin from 9th September.

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