Banks Will Have To Work With CBDCs, Crypto, And E-money For Survival

For the next few decades, the condition in the globe will be confusing following the issuance of national digital currency or digital currencies by the Central Bank. We must now continue to pursue a solution.

CBDCs Need A System In Multiple Formats

The latest developments can no longer be shrugged aside by the conventional finance system. The figure for digital currency users has increased almost threefold from 35 million in 2018 to 101 million in 2020, as per the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance. Another analysis by analysts from the Financial Conduct Government of the U.K has found that the figure has increased by 78 per cent since 2019.

Yet, in 3 to 5 years, the central bank will make CBDCs a part of our everyday lives. And for its mass implementation, we need entirely new technology. China was the first country to vigorously implement its multimedia yuan program – known as DCEP. China is based solely on technology, as many commercial banks have created their e-wallets or are creating them, which is the key method to work with the DCEP.

So far, China’s virtual yuan is the only case of federal reserve’ digital money that works. This potential is especially pursued by more than 60 financial institutions worldwide. DCEP is based on centralized Chinese Central Bank Digital Currency. This model enables direct monitoring of all financial transfers, guarantees the targeting of social spending, enhances tax recovery and reduces financial crimes.

Visa, on the other hand, started implementing a protocol that works offline for central bank digital currency transactions. Transactions that work offline involve a smartphone application to be downloaded or approved. In this particular case, CBDCs primarily replace cash; thus, the number of transactions increases controlled by the issuer, financial intermediary, or bank.

CBDCs are comparatively new. Thus, these financial instruments contain a lot of volatility. In this respect, digital money and fiat share basic tasks, and how well the multi-format financial solution is produced depending upon the implementation quality.

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