Pizza Delivery Guy Cashes In On Bitcoin Tip After Seven Years

The early days for Bitcoin were not as bright as now for the cryptocurrency, which continues to see a rise in value every day. Unfortunately, the critics of the cryptocurrency, coupled with the struggling growth of the overall Blockchain space, Bitcoin’s development did not come so fast.

With the price of the cryptocurrency now around $55,000, many of the few people who had little belief in the cryptocurrency in its early days have started to cash out on the digital asset. The latest of such is a pizza delivery guy, who choose to accept his $5 tip in Bitcoin, a choice that has now made him $400 after seven years.

Bitcoin $5 tip seven years ago has grown by 7,000%

The pizza delivery guy’s story was shared on Reddit by a user known as btcbible, a Bitcoin enthusiast who ordered pizza in 2013. According to btcbible, he wanted to tip the delivery guy $5 at that time but was moved to give him an option of either Bitcoin or Fiat currency. The delivery guy chooses Bitcoin and btcbible helped him to store it in a crypto wallet.

However, due to the unpopularity and lower value of Bitcoin at the time, the pizza delivery guy was not interested in his tip. In a twist of turn, according to btcbible, the delivery guy is back after seven years to claim his tip, as his $5 tip seven years ago is now worth $400 in today’s prices. Btcbible confirmed that he has now provided the wise pizza delivery guy with every help he needs to regain his Bitcoin wallet. The Redditor spoke of his admiration for the delivery guy, who was still able to commit his funds to it despite not having enough knowledge of Bitcoin.

This is mostly the case of early investors in Bitcoin

The Redditor himself claimed that he no longer has enough Bitcoin, as he has sold most of his assets a few years back to take care of himself. The scenario between the pizza delivery guy and btcbible is not a new one, as many early investors of Bitcoin have either come around to claim their assets or either sold it off too early.

The story of Stephan Thomas, a former Executive at Ripple Technology, is almost similar to this. Thomas, who has only two password attempts at regaining his Bitcoin wallets, is on the verge of losing $300 million in Bitcoin.

The technology enthusiast who amassed Bitcoin as a reward from teaching people about the cryptocurrency surfaced last year to reclaim his digital assets from his wallet, years after he carelessly misplaced his password, partly due to the belief that the asset might not get this popular.

Another example of someone careless with Bitcoin was a programmer who spent 10,000 Bitcoins on two boxes of pizzas in 2010. In today’s prices, that would be worth $550 million, capital enough to establish pizza huts across a nation.

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