Bitcoin Reigns Supreme and People Wonder if Ethereum Would Topple It

One of the biggest pieces of news going on the crypto world recently is that of bitcoin’s excellent rates. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate bitcoin’s  tremendous prices recently, but a major reason why people believe it’s the best crypto option is because of the returns it offers. Sure, there is no denying that there is no shortage of crypto options available these days, but most people often resort to the popular options. One of those happens just so happens to be none other than bitcoin.

If you have been following the crypto space since the beginning, you would know that bitcoin is the first crypto option that became available to people. Initially, only a small group of people got to learn about bitcoin. Most of the people who did get to know about what bitcoin was were unsure whether they should invest in it. The uncertainty came from the fact that there had been plenty of other online investment options in the past that were not as good.

Needless to say, it took a fair bit of time for most people to fully accept this crypto option. Initially, only a few people made investments in bitcoin and considered it to be a massive risk. This is because most of the investment options that were made online mostly turned out to be fraudulent. Fortunately, however, this was not the case with bitcoin. People ended up making excellent returns for their investments, which proved that bitcoin was indeed legitimate.

After bitcoin’s profitability became abundantly clear, more and more people started to make investments in it and yield excellent rewards. Sure, there were cases where people did not get the profits they were expecting and some people even ended up facing losses. However, things like these are not only popular in the crypto space, but other investment landscapes as well. Once bitcoin’s boom period was over, several other crypto investment options started to show up. One of those options happened to be none other than Ethereum.

For those who don’t know, ethereum has been a prominent part of the crypto world for quite a while. Thousands, if not millions of people made investments in this crypto option and gained excellent profits. There was even a period where ethereum investors and a large number of crypto analysts believed that this crypto coin would eventually take bitcoin’s throne. However, that simply has not happened so far.

Sure, there have been plenty of occasions when bitcoin has been down. However, it eventually ends up improving down the line. That said, the crypto world is quite unpredictable and there may come a time when Ethereum could rise to the top.

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