Bloomberg Report Says NFT Craze Has Started To Wane

Since the latest unprecedented rise, data has shown that NFT’s average price has fallen to 70 percent. This sudden 70 percent drop suggests that the recent craze in crypto may fizzle out just like it took everybody unawares and by storm. Since the middle of February 2021, the NFT average price has fallen by 70 percent. According to data (a site that examines several NFT markets), the average cost of crypto-collectibles was peaked at about $4,300 on 22nd February 2021. But it has fallen since then; the median cost fell to around $1,400 by 4th April 2021. Significantly, the all-time rise coincided viz-a-viz the unprecedented everyday sale. Going by this record, it’s showing that the fuss and craze on NFTs will fall gradually.

Hockney says NFTs are for criminals

However, some crypto experts have argued that irrespective of NFT price fluctuations, it’s unfair to see an NFT market as a bubble. Specifically, a University of Pittsburgh academic, Chris Wilmer, stated that it doesn’t make sense to categorized this concept as financial bubbles. An NFT isn’t a bubble any more than crypto is a bubble. He maintained that there would be irrational exuberance and manias, but crypto is here to live for long, and NFT will probably last longer. The huge Beeple’s NFT price makes it the third costliest art piece ever traded by an artist, just behind David Hockney and Jeff Koons. Meanwhile, David Hockney recently revealed he isn’t a digital collectibles fan, labeling them an avenue for international swindlers and crooks. David sold his painting in 2018 and termed it “Portrait of an Artist” for about $90.3 million through the auction by the Christie house.

NFTs are hosted on different servers

This is the same house that sold the artwork of Beeple recently. In the podcast of 3rd April 2021, David opinionated that NFT could be lost and couldn’t be compared to a real physical object. According to him, things could get lost inside a computer. And they would be later in the future lost in the computer even if clouds get going. It will be so much for it. David concluded by asking how one would discover. David’s description might quite be broad; however, there is some merit in his concerns; NFT doesn’t really have artworks attached to it. Practically, the token is only an encrypted link to the traditional file that’s hosted in servers.

And when this server falls, NFT owners would not directly access the file their tokens represent (if not installing them from another third-party source). In the same vein, David Hockney was not also pleased by the record-breaking Beeple artwork. He termed it a gathering of silly small things. In Beeple’s artwork, he said that he viewed the pictures, which is like a silly small thing. That he couldn’t ascertain what it is. In another development, Enjin, a blockchain startup, has just announced its creation of a new decentralized network assigned specifically to an NFT. Whether this is a bubble or otherwise, it’s like this technology won’t go away soonest.

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