OrbitGTM Review – Is OrbitGTM Scam or Legit?

OrbitGTM Review

OrbitGTM is one of the hundreds and thousands of online platforms that are now providing trading services to people from around the world. If you notice, the trend of trading from home is only on the rise. Despite the fact that people started realizing the importance of trading a few years ago, the rise rate of this trend is still pretty strong. You can say that in the coming years, more and more people are going to open trading accounts and start their trading careers. What I want to state in my OrbitGTM Review is that not all the trading platforms that you see today will be there after 10 years.

However, what I truly believe is that OrbitGTM will be one of those platforms that will not only survive this tide but also become the greatest platforms in the future. I don’t say that because I am signed up with this company right now. I say that because I have tried many and I have only found the true trading experience on this platform. There are many things that I can talk about and compare with other platforms on the internet. I will mainly go into the strengths of this platform so you will know whether or not you want to sign up with OrbitGTM.

Here is my detailed review of OrbitGTM after being with this team for many months. I hope you find it helpful and that it moves you to take a decision as soon as possible.

Broker OrbitGTM
Website https://www.orbitgtm.com/
Trading Type CFD
Available Assets Commodities, Stocks, Indices, Forex, Crypto (not CFDs)
Registered Yes
Account Types Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP
Private Training Yes
Customer Support Phone, Email, Live Chat
Website Language English, Deutsch, Danish, Swedish, Dutch
Savings Account Yes (With Diamond and VIP accounts)

Live Chat and Customer Support

Let’s start with the most important point that I always look at before I recommend or suggest a broker to someone. You see, at first, it will seem that you will never have to contact the customer support ever. When you start your trading account, you see everything as easy. However, I am telling you from my personal experience that things can take a u-turn. At times, your trading platform starts doing weird things and you need someone to help you in that situation. With some companies, the customer support area will be extremely disappointing for you.

You see, every trading services provider has a website. On this website, they usually provide you with FAQs. If you go on the website of OrbitGTM, you will notice an FAQs section here as well. However, some companies think that this section is enough for their traders to get the answers to their questions. I say this is just the tip of the iceberg. That should not be the case. Sometimes, you don’t have one of those frequently asked questions. Sometimes, you are in a unique situation that someone has to listen to and provide a solution to.

That’s where you need someone on the phone on the other side. Go on the contact us page of the website and you will realize that there are different numbers for different countries for the traders to call. In addition to that, you can choose from three email addresses to send your concern. Each email address belongs to a different department so you can use it for different types of queries. The most important part for me is the live chat support right on the website. I don’t think there is any other element of customer support that’s better than this option.

This particular option lets you talk to someone from the company right on the website. You chat in a window just like you chat with your friends on any instant messaging applications. This is quite an experience. You get the answers to your questions instantly without being in a queue of many customers who are calling the same number at the same time.

AML and KYC Adherence

Do you know what these policies are all about? I am sure most of the companies that provide you with trading services will not even explain the importance of these policies. So, when you refer to KYC, it stands for Know Your Customer. The online trading regulation bodies require all online trading services providers to know their customers before providing them with their services. In other words, when you sign up with an online trading platform, you have to provide your personal information on it. This personal information is used to identify you as a unique person.

Is that necessary? Well, yes. That’s because you don’t want to sign up with an online company that lets bogus and fake accounts to sign up with it. It can blow up the numbers of its active users and trades by opening bogus accounts. In addition to that, it will not prevent anyone from signing up on the trading platform no matter what activities they are involved. Since they don’t ask for any information, they don’t know who is using the platform and who is not. In other words, they will not stop someone from signing up on the website even if they were using your stolen information.

You don’t want to be a part of this dirty game and that’s why you only sign up with companies that have KYC policies in place, like OrbitGTM does. In addition to that, you have the AML policy, which stands for Anti-money Laundering. This policy requires you to provide your credit card information on the website, the number from the front and back. You then have to provide the picture of your credit card. If you are using bank wire transfer, you will have to provide the broker with the pictures of your banking statement. In other words, if someone is thinking about using the platform for laundering, money they will not be able to do that because of this policy.

Again, you can find comfort in the fact that you are signing up with a company that provides you with all of that. You have OrbitGTM adhering to both policies to make sure that you trade on a safe and ethical trading platform.

Unique Education and Training

You will get all the resources for training and education. I prefer that you spend some time learning how to trade before you put even a single dime from your hard-earned cash on the line. That’s something many online traders completely forget. They think that once they have opened an online trading account, it is the online trading services provide that will take care of everything. If you are under the same impression, you have to change that. You are talking about a company that provides you with trading services. The company never promises you that it will make you money in any form.

All the money that you make as profits on your trades will be a result of your trading skills and efforts. So, you will have to learn how to trade rather than thinking that you will get some sort of helping hand for trading. In this particular case, you have some of the best training material coming your way from OrbitGTM. This company can provide you with all the training that you need even if you don’t know anything about trading right now. You will learn through videos if you want. Videos can teach you even the most complex concepts in trading with ease.

They teach you everything through animations and visuals. Many times, things don’t make sense to you when you read them in ebooks. Of course, you can choose to read ebooks if you want when you sign up with OrbitGTM. However, if there is something that does not make sense to you, there is always the option of watching a video and making things easy. I also have to tell you that the quality of the training material from OrbitGTM is very high. That’s not the case with every online trading services provider. I have noticed some firms offering you only some generic material, which you can obtain from the internet with some research.

So, when you learn from OrbitGTM, you really learn something. The best thing is that you have to open your trading account, and all of it will be offered to you without any additional cost. On the other hand, online resources will always charge you a lot for the same training material.

Webinars and Training Sessions

In the previous passage, I only talked about your training through ebooks and videos. Let me tell you that when you learn from ebooks and videos, it is all about you. It is you who will have to put in all the efforts to learn everything. What you watch in the video is what you get. What you read in the ebook is what you will get. There is no more explanation on anything coming your way when you go about learning through these materials. But what if things are still not making sense to you and you want to learn from someone who can speak and explain things to you.

That’s where webinars come in. Webinars are a great way for you to learn trading no matter at what point of trading you are. I have to tell you here that even after trading for many years, I use webinars because I always learn something new from them. When there is a webinar, you have the best experts in the industry talking about everything related to trading. They will tell you the latest trends and talk about the best strategies for trading. The best thing is that they can predict a lot about the markets in the future so you can always change your direction if you think you are not going in the right one.

Now, the only downfall of a webinar is that it is a collective learning process. You have many people learning through webinars at the same time. If you want to learn something in person, that’s not possible through a webinar. Of course, you can always ask the questions you have and get the answers, but you will not get personal attention. That’s where personal training sessions come in. I am glad to tell you that OrbitGTM is one of the online brokers that offer you this amazing feature. You can learn through private training sessions wherein you have a persona dedicated to teaching you and only you.

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