Bullish Price Analysis of PYE (PYE) and Oly Sport (OLY)

Time to look at the performance analysis report for PYE (PYE) and Oly Sport (OLY), as both of them have demonstrated high gains in the past 24-hours. The pair has a high potential of bringing in many gains for the investors. Therefore, the market is demanding an analysis on both of them.

PYE/USDT Trading at $0.001277

Among the pair, it is PYE that has recorded a higher rally in the past 24-hours. Its value has reportedly surged by 123.83%, pushing its value all the way up to $0.001277 per PYE.

The surge in the trading price has also worked proportionally with PYE’s trading volume as it has also surged by 95.15%.

At present, the general sentiments of the investors are bullish and they are highly likely to invest in PYE than withdraw. Therefore, the value of PYE may continue surging and in the upcoming day, it may hit a high price of $0.002067 per PYE.

Surprisingly, the $0.002067 per PYE figure wouldn’t be the peak price for PYE given the current growth rate. As PYE becomes more bullish, more investors may start increasing their accumulations in PYE. This would boost the price of PYE even more, bringing the PYE/USDT trading value up to $0.002707 per PYE.

This would bring PYE closer to the major resistance channel. However, the bulls may try and intercept with stronger buying power. They may exert a lot of power in order to push the bulls back from $0.002800 per PYE. If the bulls keep adding more buying energy to the bullish trend, then the bears may end up losing a strong defense benchmark.

From there, the price of PYE may continue pushing higher, and may soon cross the $0.003000 per PYE barrier. Once the barrier is conquered, the bulls may continue with their march, and grow PYE’s price all the way up to $0.003127 per PYE.

OLY/USDT Trading at $0.09272

Oly Sport’s value has also sprinted in the past 24-hours, observing a 120.16% rally. At the time of publication, the trading value of the OLY/USDT pair is $0.09272 per OLY.

The data suggests that in the upcoming days, the rally may continue pushing Oly Sport’s even higher. However, the bullish trend would require strong buying sentiments of the investors. If they are able to deliver what is required of them, then the price of Oly Sport may rise to $0.1484 per OLY.

As the price of Oly Sport reaches the $0.1500 per OLY mark, the bears may try and drag the price of Oly Sport lower. However, if the bulls remain stubborn, and keep acquiring more Oly Sport, then its price may surge to $0.2220 per OLY.

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