Price Analysis of EverSAFU (EVERSAFU), LoopSwap (LSWAP), and FanVerse (FANV)

EverSAFU Elevates to $12.75

The price of EverSAFU has experienced a 127.94% surge in the past 24-hours, which has elevated its price significantly. The beginning of March 22 saw its price at a low of $3.1 per EVERSAFU, but the strong rally resulted in pushing EverSAFU to a high of $12.75 per EVERSAFU.

At the moment, the trend for EverSAFU is traveling in the positive territory. This means that the bulls have a higher opportunity of elevating the price of EverSAFU with high acquisitions. This would result in pushing the price of EverSAFU to the first strong resistance benchmark ($16.82).

If the bulls keep winning the challenge against the bears, then the price of EverSAFU may continue rising. With their high acquisition power, the next mark the bulls may hit would be 419.52 per EVERSAFU.

Going forward, even the majority of the investors may develop high (positive) sentiments for EverSAFU. As they increase their investment power, the price of EverSAFU may rise to $22.64 per EVERSAFU.

LoopSwap Elevates to $0.005813

LoopSwap has also sprinted at a fast rate in the past 24-hours as it has formed a 117.74% rally in the past 24-hours. Due to the rally, the price of LoopSwap has been pushed to a higher price of $0.005813 per LSWAP from a low of $0.0005658 per LSWAP.

The bulls are still accumulating LoopSwap with high determination and as a result, LoopSwap has become very attractive for the investors. The investors now want to hold on to their LoopSwap and they are acquiring even more of LoopSwap.

The current bullish behavior of the investors is demonstrated by the 289.06% surge in the trading volume for LoopSwap.

If the bulls maintain high determination, then their accumulation power for LoopSwap may continue surging. This is what would result in pushing the price of LoopSwap up to $0.009235 per LSWAP.

At the moment, LoopSwap’s RSI is at 74.97, and the general market perception of LoopSwap is also pointing towards a positive trend. The technical factors pointing towards the bullish run would aid LoopSwap in growing up to $0.01371 per LSWAP.

FanVerse Elevates to $0.03944

FanVerse is also elevating in terms of its value and so far, the 24h rally FanVerse has recorded is 91.43%. The rally has pushed the price of FanVerse up to the current mark of $0.03944 per FANV.

The price of FanVerse may continue growing higher as the sentiments are suggesting the bullish trend is not going to end soon. If it is indeed true, then the price of FanVerse may grow up to $0.05747. If the situation remains the same, the price of FanVerse may grow up to the major resistance mark of $0.07868 per FANV.

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