Price Analysis of DeuxPad (DEUX) and Crypterium (CRPT)


On March 17, the trading price for the DEUX/USDT pair was at a low of $0.007468 per DEUX. From there, the price of DeuxPad elevated a bit and the bulls brought it up to $0.008357 per DEUX.

The bulls tried hard to keep DeuxPad over the $0.008300 per DEUX mark but the bears did not let them. The bears kept showing a tremendous amount of resistance at $0.008300 and the bulls were not able to match their selling ability.

By March 23, the value of DeuxPad went down to $0.007823, due to the strong selling spree of the bears. The bears attempted to bring DeuxPad below the $0.007800 but the bulls were not ready to let that happen either.

Therefore, the bulls launched their buying spree against the bears, and to the investors’ surprise, the buying spree demonstrated a strong 96.75% rally. At the time of publication, the trading price of the DEUX/USDT pair is worth $0.01563 per DEUX.

The trading volume for DeuxPad has also surged tremendously, and after experiencing a 7620.96%, it is at $204,897.

The bulls are still showing a lot of determination in running the bullish trend for DeuxPad, which is reflected through the constant rise in the rally rate.

If the bulls keep acquiring more DeuxPad, then the price of DeuxPad may grow all the way up to $0.02319 per DEUX. The bulls may continue acquiring more DeuxPad, triggering another major surge, bringing DeuxPad up to $0.02880 per DEUX.

If DeuxPad keeps surging, more investors may join the same trend, which would eventually push DeuxPad up to $0.03228 per DEUX.


Just like DEUX, Crypterium experienced a low trend in its price on March 17. On this particular day, the price of Crypterium was at a low of $0.1283 per CRPT. From the looks of it, the bulls were not being able to match the selling potential of the bears.

They kept shooting the bulls down with their strong selling spree and the price of Crypterium kept sinking. Despite being pinned down by the bears, the bulls were not ready to give up. They kept buying the dips created by the Crypterium bears at the lower levels.

Finally, they launched their counter, which was in the form of a 91.93% rally, bringing the value of Crypterium up to $0.3478.

Even the trading volume for Crypterium has surged by 2392.81% in the past 24-hours, confirming that the investors are bullish. They may continue buying Crypterium, which may push its price up to $0.5076 per CRPT.

If the bulls keep running their buying spree, then the price of Crypterium may rise up to the second resistance mark ($0.6244).

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