CatBoy (CATBOY), Safefloki (SFK), and Egoras Credit (EGC) Up for High Gains, Price Analysis

In today’s cryptocurrency market, you would see CatBoy, Safefloki, and Egoras Credit experiencing very high gains. This is because of the high trust of investors in the bullish trend of these three digital assets. Let us carry out a technical analysis on these cryptocurrencies to see exactly where they would head in the upcoming days.

CatBoy Experiences a 645.95% Push

CatBoy (CATBOY) has reportedly moved up by 645.95% in the past 24-hours. Such a strong rally has been formed with the joint efforts of the bulls and the positive investors. Prior to the push, the value of CatBoy was at a low of $0.005240 per CATBOY. However, the past 24-hour soar has brought the value of CatBoy up to $0.03091 per CATBOY.

With the passage of time, the value of CatBoy has continued elevating, and the current high sentiments may aid in pushing CatBoy’s value further. If the buying power of the bulls continues to rise, the value of CatBoy may grow up to $0.05586 per CATBOY.

As the value of CatBoy has continued growing, more investors have increased their stake in CatBoy. This has led to the increase of trading volume for CatBoy at a tremendous (11578.80%) rate.

If the bullish sentiments of the investors remain high, the price of CatBoy may grow up to $0.07843 per CATBOY. With more acquisitions, the value of CatBoy may grow up to the third resistance mark of $0.09426 per CATBOY.

Safefloki Experiences a 391.69% Push

The value of Safefloki has reportedly soared by 391.69% in the past 24-hours. After the soar, the value of Safefloki has swelled to $0.000000001616 per SFK. With more momentum building up from the bulls’ end in the acquisition, Safefloki’s price may grow up to $0.000000004780 per Safefloki.

From the looks of it, the bulls may keep sailing into the higher zones while the bears may keep getting flushed out of the competition. If the trend continues, the value of Safefloki may surge to $0.000000009462 per SFK.

With more positive sentiments and high acquisition determination, the bulls may attempt another high rally for higher achievement. The major target that the bulls may have in mind would be $0.00000001409 per SFK.

Egoras Credit Experiences a 326.53% Push

Egoras Credit (EGC) has also been experiencing a high trend in terms of its value and trading volume. In the past 24-hours, the value of Egoras Credit has been pushed up by 326.53%, which has reportedly pushed its value to $138.42 per EGC.

In the past 24-hours, the sentiments of the investors have continued growing positive. The growth of Egoras Credit at such a level would eventually push its trading value to 166.67 versus USDT.

If the bulls keep acquiring Egoras Credit at a significant rate, then the value of Egoras Credit may rise to $183.68 and $202.44 respectively.

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