CoinMarketCap Enlists Cryptocurrencies That You Must Avoid Investing in Due to High Plummets

CoinMarketCap has just gone ahead sharing the list of cryptocurrencies that have demonstrated the worst performances in the past 24-hours. If you are planning to invest in these cryptocurrencies, then you are suggested to avoid them as they are traveling down the bearish trend.

PANDAINU (PWT) Price Slips by 99.72%

PANDAINU has reportedly experienced a huge dip in the past 24-hours, pushing its value down by 99.72%. The value of PANDAINU is currently at $0.00002355 per PWT and the investors have started withdrawing from their investments in PANDAINU. This has led to pushing up the trading volume for PANDAINU by 14207.13% in the past 24-hours.

The bears still do not seem to be going easy on PANDAINU as they are constantly selling PANDAINU on a high level. This is constantly setting of selling sprees and is destined to push the value of PANDAINU to lower figures.

If the bears keep pressing harder against the bulls, then the price of PANDAINU may plummet to $0.00002119 per PWT. Going forward, the value of PANDAINU may experience another major pull, getting dragged down to $0.00001907 per PWT.

As the bears keep selling PANDAINU, the investors holding neutral sentiments for PANDAINU may also start leaning towards negative sentiments. This would drag the price of PANDAINU further down to $0.00001716 per PWT.

HydraMeta (HDM) Price Slips by 75.53%

HydraMeta’s price has also been slipping badly in the past 24-hours because the bears have formed a strong plunge. The technical analysis for HydraMeta has shown that its price has plummeted by 75.53% in the past 24-hours, bringing its value down to $0.0001151 per HDM.

The data suggests that the bears may keep selling HydraMeta in order to bring its value even deeper than the current price. This would result in dragging the price of HydraMeta lower to $0.0001035 per HDM.

For now, it is just the investors with very high negative sentiments selling HydraMeta. If they keep breaking all the support barriers defended by the bulls, then HydraMeta’s price may dip to $0.00009323 per HDM. If the bears are supported by the investors who are currently neutral, then HydraMeta may sink to $0.00008390.

Bitball Treasure (BTRS) Price Slips by 70.77%

Bitball Treasure has also taken a huge dip in its value in the past 24-hours, but it is lower than the hit recorded for PANDAINU. The data shows that the bears have brought the value of Bitball Treasure down by 70.77%. At the time of publication, the value of Bitball Treasure is worth $9.20 per BTRS.

As the bulls keep getting countered by the bears at lower and higher levels, Bitball Treasure’s price may dip to $8.28 per BTRS. If the pressure keeps building, the price of Bitball Treasure may dip to $7.45 and then to $6.70 per BTRS.

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