Craig White Receives COPA’s Copyright Enquiry Against His Claim Over Bitcoin’s White Paper

With the start of 2021, Craig Wright, who purports to be the inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, used his attorney to issue legal notices to multiple websites asking them to immediately remove printed copies of Bitcoin White Paper. Cobra who is the proprietor of alleged on 31st January 2020 that he was harassed and threatened over the phone by a proclaimed supporter of Bitcoins. Meanwhile, Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) issues a legal notice to Wright and his lawyers seeking further information regarding their copyright claims over publication of the Bitcoin White Paper.

Somewhere in January 2021, Craig Wright started a legal battle by sending legal notices to multiple individuals and websites in the US. Through legal notices, the alleged self-declared Bitcoin inventor, Wright asked individuals/websites to immediately withdraw Bitcoin White Paper published on their web ports/websites. Though many immediately removed them, however, there were many who refused to do so and questioned Wright’s authority over Bitcoin’s White Paper. Amongst those who denied to remove was who categorically denied paying any heed to Wright’s claim.

The owner/founder of, who goes by the name Cobra, told on 3rd February that he was being harassed and threatened. He said that he received a phone call from an alleged support of bitcoins (BSV) who threatened him of dire consequences. He added that he was asked to immediately remove the white paper and mentioned 3rd February as the final deadline to do so.

Meanwhile, Wright’s legal advisor firm, Ontier LLP, also suggested legal consequences if he failed to act upon their demands. He told in his tweet message that the obnoxious caller threatened to kill Cobra when they get their hands on his information.

However, after Wright’s legal action, many US politicians too joined in and published white papers on their personal web spaces.

Meanwhile, COPA – a crypto patent concerning authority – has written a letter to Wright’s legal advisors. In the letter, the Authority has questioned as to on what basis Wright is claiming copyright upon Bitcoin’s White Paper. Furthermore, COPA has asked Ontier to give reasons as to what transpired them to write to individuals/businesses asking them to remove such White Papers.

It was asked by COPA from Ontier to provide tangible evidence in support of their copyright claim. As per information, COPA’s letter contains at least 9 questions which Wright has to answer unilaterally to prove his claim. For instance, there is a question that asks Wright to mention the exact dates on which Wright had issued Bitcoin’s White Paper. Additionally, Wright would also need to provide the names of those who assisted him in the formulation of the white paper.

It was confirmed that COPA has given Wright and his legal team two weeks deadline to come up with a comprehensive response.

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