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T-Revenue has put together a team of highly intellectual individuals that have gained an enormous amount of experience in the customer support sector. These representatives are fully equipped with the knowledge and information they are expected to have in handling the queries of investors and pass onto the higher management if it is out of their scope.

T-Revenue.uk Review

With the starting of the 21st Century, a new era and time-period started that witnessed enormous technological and scientific advancements. Although the internet is an invention of the 20th Century, yet it became a basic necessity in the 21st Century. When the internet was first invented and launched, it was affordable and within the reach of only big firms that could make huge investments and bring the internet onboard.

With the passage of time, the internet has become quicker, convenient, vast, and reliable. From the beginning of the 21st Century, the internet started making its way to every small-business and even every household. What started off as a convenience for file sharing and gaining access to the entire world’s information databases has now become a basic utility for every household.

Broker T-Revenue
Website https://t-revenue.uk/
Account Types Real and Islamic
Deposits Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Card
KYC and AML Yes
Encryption Yes
Commissions No
Customer Support Phone and Email

When the internet made its way to commercial usage and then every household, it had become the perfect platform where companies and businesses had the opportunity to target and approach even the least sophisticated of potential customers or clients. Soon, the internet became a unique platform and a hub for companies and businesses to advertise their companies and services to target and attract customers from all over the world.

When it comes to the internet, one of the biggest benefits it has offered the users is an e-commerce solution. Although there are majority of people who prefer going outside and shop stuff of their choice, the online shopping and services utility has taken the internet to the next level. There are millions of companies and services that survive only because of the internet.

Companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google, etc., are all platforms that would not even have come into existence if the internet as never invented and launched.

How Trading Benefitted from the Internet

This is a fact that we as humans have been constantly growing and evolving in the world. For humans, it was the “Stone Age”, where it all started and as the centuries went by, humans started growing smarter, intellectual, strategic, diplomatic, and every other aspect that has helped humans be where are today.

With time, humankind has also evolved in running businesses and has introduced trades that have connected all the countries and nations with each other. In the past, a nation blessed with a resource, whether food, metal, mineral or any other commodity would get to keep it to itself. However, with the concept of trading, nations were able to trade resources among each other and started making ties and connections with other nations in the process.

For humankind, the business that changes the course of advancements and developments around the world is “Trading”. Before the introduction of the internet around the world, trades were only limited to the real-time world. Everything was done physically and even transferring of funds was carried out physically. It was the internet that provided people the opportunity to start doing things through the internet.

It has been almost more than 2 decades since the world has been using the internet for running different sorts of business. However, the internet has provided trading businesses an entirely new platform. Back in the days when the internet was not available to common people, there was no concept of online trading. However, with the launch and spread of the internet globally, traditional trading businesses were also opened on the internet. What was once accessible by a certain class or group of people in the real-time world is now in the reach of every common person.

The Launch of Online Trading Brokerages

When the online trading business was introduced to the common person, it was not expected of them to be fully experienced and polished in the trading fields. However, the online trading markets are crucial and very fast when it comes to transaction flows, product volatilities, and rise/fall in the demands of the products.

This is when the need for individuals or groups of expert traders was felt. This laid the foundation of a new cyber-world era. With the launch of trading platforms through the internet, businesses such as foreign exchange and commodities have been widely adopted and accepted by common people. In the past, a common person would not even think about going into real-world trading markets. Trading in the real world has always been in the approach of the rich, wealthy, and families that have been in the trading business for ages.

With the introduction of the internet, this barrier has been broken and even the least sophisticated people now have access to trading through the online trading platforms that have been established to facilitate common and even high-profile investors with their trading activities.

How Online Trading was in the Initial Stages?

When the online trading platform first launched, it not as evolved and detailed as it is today. However, at that time, the focus of the online trading brokerages was completely on fulfilling the needs and requirements of the investors.

In the beginning, the main focus for the online trading brokerages was to provide as much guidance, knowledge, and information to the investors as well. The main reason behind doing this was to ensure that the investors gain enough knowledge and information and then pass it on to the upcoming investors. This made a chain reaction that has resulted in the industry growing huge.

Almost all of the online trading brokerages focused on grooming the abilities and trading profiles of the investors using their services. With this, online trading brokerages were able to create competition in the online trading space.

How Online Trading is today?

What started off on the internet as a small-time thing has now become an enormous market. In the last year alone, the user-base in the online trading world has grown from a few hundred thousand into millions.

When the online trading business started picking up and gaining more users, investments kept coming in. Over the course of time, the online trading industry has grown in trillions and number of investments in the online trading industry are in billions. When the online trading brokerages started seeing so much investments coming in, majority of the online trading firms had their focus shifted from providing services to customers to just extract funds out of investors. At present, majority of the online trading brokerages are focused on creating content suggesting how their services can help investors make big cash. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, these practices have now become traditions that the online trading industry is now following.

The online trading brokerages now only offer services for the sake of offering and attracting investors. For such online trading firms, the case will always be to lure people, ask them for more money, and keep doing it until they are all out.

T-Revenue and its Efforts

Due to the unethical and fraud-like behavior of the online trading brokerages, vast majority of the online trading community has either stopped investing or have moved onto other platforms. The online trading industry is constantly losing its reputation and worth due to the misconducts committed by the faltered online trading brokerages.

This is where online trading brokers such as T-Revenue are trying to make a difference by offering their services and support to the investors. Alongside some of the world-renowned online trading brokers, T-Revenue is sticking to the traditional ways of providing investors with full support and guidance throughout their trading journeys.

Formed by the team of expert traders and analysts, T-Revenue is constantly in the process of improving its services and introducing products that are beneficial for the investors. For T-Revenue, the grooming of investors is of the highest priority. In the past couple of years, the online trading business has boomed and the number of frauds/scams have also been the record highest in the online trading industry. This is also one of the reasons why investors have stopped trusting online trading platforms.

Therefore, T-Revenue is making all the efforts it can to regain the level of trust, standards, and services that the online trading brokers were known for providing in the initial phases.

Trading Accounts Offered by T-Revenue

For any investor to start trading with any online trading broker, they first need to have a trading account opened with the provider and same is the case with T-Revenue. However, there is a great difference between the accounts that T-Revenue offers and accounts that other mediocre-level trading brokers offer:

Demo Account

If you have already gone through a number of online trading brokers, there is one thing you may have seen that is common among majority of the brokers. You would notice that such brokers tend to offer more than 5 types of online trading accounts where each account offers different kinds of services and benefits, based on the amount of deposit an investor is willing to make.

When it is a new investor, it is not the best trading markets or profits they need, it is all the attention they need from the experts and analysts at the brokerage. Majority of the online trading brokerages offer less services and assistances to investors paying less while provide more facilities, services, and benefits to investors who are ready to pay more. The main concern here is that why offer less support to novice investors and why all of the support to the old investors making hefty deposits.

However, T-Revenue tends to do things the other way entirely. Instead of offering investors with different kinds of trading accounts, T-Revenue offers investors with a demo trading account. With the demo trading account, the investors have the opportunity to first test their trading skills, gain basic trading knowledge, and get used to the trading market changes, volatilities, and complexities.

The demo account provides investors with a sandboxed/replicated version of the original trading markets where they can trade and familiarize themselves with the trading markets for both Forex and Commodities.

Real Account

Once the users have gathered all the basic knowledge and experience from the demo trading account offered by T-Revenue, they can move on to the Real trading account offered by T-Revenue. When using the Real account, there are no conditions or different sets of services based on the deposit amounts.

No matter it is a new investor or an experienced one, the services and benefits offered to all the investors are the same. There is no discrimination practiced by T-Revenue on investors on the basis of the amount the investors are willing or can afford to make.

When trading with real account, the investors are provided with the best trading markets and the investors have access to vast number of markets that are best for making profits and are less complex. Before an investor starts trading with T-Revenue, they must know that T-Revenue recommends that the age range must be between 18 and 65. Once the account is acquired, the investors are provided with four different leverage trading options.

When trading with real account, the investors can choose to trade with Leverage 200:1, Leverage 300:1, Leverage 400:1, or Leverage 500:1. The investors are provided with all the guidance, support, and services necessary to execute trades in the most precise and profitable manner.

Islamic Account

In order to ensure that people from all religions get to trade without any hesitations, hiccups, or concerns, T-Revenue has arranged for an Islamic account for the Muslim trading community. The Islamic account is equipped with all the features that offer investors the option of trading by following the laws of Sharia.

The option is on the table for all the investors who do not want anything to do with interests they majority of the investors get by keeping funds in their accounts.

Trading Instruments Offered by T-Revenue

In order to attract more investors which in turn brings in more investments, majority of the online trading brokerages offer almost all of the major online trading instruments that include Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Indices, and Cryptocurrencies. When offering these many trading instruments, things become too hard and difficult to handle as each instrument requires teams of experts and analysts to cover them.

Each trading instrument requires an enormous amount of dedication and research on a regular basis to keep up with the trends and the updates for the instruments. With so many trading instruments on the list, the firms need a huge team to handle them but majority of the firms do not. Their focus is to lure investors with these many instruments only to deprive them of their investments and have nothing to offer instead.

T-Revenue is known for keeping things very sleek and organized for investors. Instead of offering an entire catalog of trading instruments, T-Revenue only offers investors the best and most traded instruments in the online trading markets that are Forex and Commodities:

Forex Trading

No matter how big an online trading instrument may become but it would dwarf against the supremacy and market capitalization of Forex. Forex is the largest online trading market that allows the investors to trade in pairs of currencies. When the investors trade in Forex through T-Revenue, they have more than 70 trading pairs to choose from and can trade in numerous trading markets offered by T-Revenue.

At present, the transaction volume observed by the Forex trading markets is more than $6 trillion per day. This daily transaction volume displayed by Forex is more than the combined trading volume of Stocks and Indices combined.

Commodities Trading

When it comes to trading with numerous options, Commodities trading is the best trading instrument to go with. It deals with the trades of metals, agricultural goods, and other resources acquired from the surface of earth.

When trading commodities with T-Revenue, the investors have the option of choosing an item from thousands of commodities that are made available to them for trading. The investors have the freedom of either buying the particular commodities or make profits off of them via CFD trading.

However, T-Revenue does recommend investors to choose a commodity out of the most prominent ones that include Gold, Oil, and Silver.

Online Trading Platform

While the focus of the majority of the online trading firms is on investors’ money, their dedication for providing their investors with the best trading platforms is close to nothing. In online trading, no matter how supportive, dedicated, and vigilant the team of experts or an investor may be, if the online trading platform is below standards, all of the efforts would simply go to waste. Unfortunately, this is exactly the case for majority of the online trading brokerages whose services are below standards.

On the other hand T-Revenue aims to invest all of its resources for the betterment of its investors and is ambitious towards providing its investors with the most convenient, secure, and reliable trading services, and online trading platform is no different.

MetaTrader 4

When it comes to online trading platform, the team of expert traders and analysts have sided with MetaTrader 4 platform, which is currently one of the best trading platforms alongside Ninja Trader, Trading View, and cTrader.

One of the main reasons why T-Revenue has chosen MetaTrader 4 platform over others is because the platform is available on different platforms such as smartphones, web, and macOS. Most importantly, the platform has its own terminal that the users can download and use on their systems for trading.

When it comes to the platform’s design, MetaTrader 4 has been built to ensure that the users do not find it difficult to navigate through the tools and features that are available through the trading platform. It gives investors full command over all its features that are made available to them so they can use the platform as per their needs to ensure they keep up with trading trends and markets.

The MetaTrader 4 platform is designed to offer investors with the most user-friendly trading environment and top notch trading tools. Some of the major benefits the platform has to offer investors include quick executions, algo-trading, variety of charts, historical reports, daily market news, daily trading signals, upcoming events, economic calendar, numerous trading markets, multi-lingual support, numerous forex trading currency pairs, and up to 1:500 leverage.

Deposit and Withdrawal on T-Revenue

When it comes to deposits and withdrawals, T-Revenue is determined to provide investors a peace of mind and convenience. T-Revenue ensures that the users are not bombarded with uncommon and complex payment methods and offers some of the most basic methods for either making a deposit or withdrawal.


The first payment method allowed by T-Revenue is through debit/credit cards that is faster than the other payment method and reflects in your trading account in a matter of days.

The other payment method is the bank wire transfer which is a slow process as it may take up to five business days for the deposited amount to reflect in your account.


As far as the withdrawals are concerned, the same debit/credit card & bank wire transfer methods come into play. The investors must know that the withdrawal method needs to be the same as the deposit method any may take between one and five business days to be processed.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is that while making the withdrawal, the investors will be subjected to incur additional fees and charges for the withdrawal processing. Furthermore, the investor’s money may also get transferred to a different account if there are Anti-Money Laundering elements detected in the investor’s money. When faced with this, the users will be required to provide more documentation and proof of their source of funds.

Anti-Money Laundering Regulations

Although, there are majority of online trading brokerages that tend to evade following the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations, T-Revenue is determined to ensure that it does not get involved into any AML or illegal activities intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, it is very strict and extremely observant/vigilant when it comes to monitoring the transactions of each investor that may appear to be of high-risk.

Upon detection of a possible risk, T-Revenue is obligated to report such incidents to the concern authorities for further proceedings.

T-Revenue’s Customer Support

When it comes to offering customer support, T-Revenue ensures that the investors can fully rely on its representatives and trust their capabilities of dealing with their problems in the most professional and friendly manner.

This is the reason why T-Revenue has put together a team of highly intellectual individuals that have gained an enormous amount of experience in the customer support sector. These representatives are fully equipped with the knowledge and information they are expected to have in handling the queries of investors and pass onto the higher management if it is out of their scope.

The investors have the freedom of calling T-Revenu’s 24/7 customer support at any time they want and they can also contact T-Revenue’s customer support via email and can expect a prompt response from them.

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