Genesis11 Review – Discussing The Best Features Of This Online Brokerage Firm

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This broker is a great choice for anyone looking forward to a stress-free trading experience. You will find many other beneficial features and services of this brokerage firm if you sign up with a trial account. You can try out all the features that this firm has to offer as well as take a look inside the financial markets with the demo account feature.

Genesis11 Review

Are you thinking of becoming an online trader to earn additional income? You wouldn’t be the first one to consider this option as the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected the monthly income of many. However, in order to become a successful trader, there are several things that you need to do with great care. The first one of these things being selecting the broker that you will use as your trading platform. This step is one of the hardest things new traders have to go through as they are completely unaware of what is right or wrong. The trading firm that you choose has to be first and foremost reliable. It is important to make sure that the broker that you’ve chosen is fully regulated and offers complete security to the users. This is because online trading firms are the top target for cybercriminals.

So, if you are looking for a broker that you can trust, then I would recommend considering Genesis11. This broker offers some great features to the users that make online trading so much easier. With an impressive list of assets and a high-tech trading platform, you will not be disappointed by the performance of this broker.

Let’s take a look at some of the best features of Genesis11.

Trading Platform Web Trader.
Assets Forex, Indices, Energies, Stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies.
Banking Options Credit/Debit card, Bank Draft, Wire Transfer.
Account Types Mini, Classic, Premium.
Leverage 1:200

Best Features Of Genesis11

·         Advanced Trading Platform

You simply cannot ignore the type of trading platform that the trading firm is offering when you are looking for a reliable broker. This is because the trading platform is the medium through which you will perform all your trade-related tasks. So, if this medium is not of the best quality, then your trading will surely not be the best. This is why it is important to check what kind of trading platform the firm is providing.

Genesis11 uses a web-based trading platform which is one of the easiest to use and low-maintenance platforms. This is not to imply that other forms are not great to trade with, however, they require a certain level of maintenance. If the trading platform is a downloadable software or app, then you need to make sure that your device is upgraded enough to be compatible with the software. However, with the web trader, all that you need to access the platform is to visit the website and log in to your account with your information. This allows you to access your account from any device, whenever you want. The web trader of Genesis11 is developed using the latest technology under the watchful gaze of professional programmers and traders. It works seamlessly and you will rarely ever find trouble navigating through it. The platform provides users with a lot of advanced features such as intuitive tools, educational materials, one-click trading, and many others. You can make quick yet thoroughly checked investment decisions using all the features that are provided.

With the quality of the trading platform that Genesis11 provides, it is true to say that your trading experience will be smooth and error-free. You will not have any issues navigating the features and accessing the markets thanks to the user-friendly interface that was designed keeping in mind the new traders. The simple and easy-to-use platform is packed with advanced features.

·         Completely Secure and Regulated

Opening an account with an online brokerage firm requires that you trust it completely with your sensitive information and your money. Cybercriminals target financial markets the most and that is why it is essential for trading firms to implement strong security measures to create a safe trading environment for the user.

Genesis11 has applied a lot of safety measures and has developed a very strong protection for its database to keep hackers away. The broker uses advanced software and SSL certificates to keep other users out of the database. Furthermore, strong encryption software has also been installed which encrypt all data upon entry. So, even if a hacker was able to find a way into the database, your information will be useless to them.

The most important thing an online trading firm can do to earn the trader’s trust is by ensuring that it’s regulated. Regulated brokers are monitored by an agency to make sure that the firm is not involved in any suspicious activities. Furthermore, the agency also audits the records, so if the broker goes bankrupt, the regulatory agencies hold the power to freeze all actions of the broker. Your funds are stored in segregated accounts which means that the firm cannot access any of your money for its own use. And if the regulatory agency monitors any unusual behavior, then your funds are directly transferred to your account.

These regulations also require the trading firm to be compliant with several policies. These ensure that no fake accounts are being used on the site nor that any money-laundering is happening. The policies that ensure this are called KYC and AML which are Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering respectively. With these in place, you have to submit an identity proof before proceeding with any major actions. Surely, Genesis11 is a safe trading platform that allows users to trade with a carefree and peaceful mind.

·         List of Assets

I was pleased to see the list of assets that Genesis11 support. The broker allows you to trade Forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, efts, indices, and shares. It provides you with a number of forex pairs including the major and minor currency pairs. Similarly, you have a vast range of cryptocurrencies to choose from. The broker allows trading using CFDs on commodities, indices, and shares which is great as they are not extremely volatile markets unlike cryptocurrency so it has lesser risk. You can also trade a variety of energies if you think it is something that you can manage. Not all assets are comfortable to trade with when you are new. However, it is great to have exposure to different kinds of assets to understand what trading with them is like.

In addition to CFD trading, this firm also supports EFT trading which is surprising as not a lot of the trading firms support EFTs. Especially not EFTs together with CFDs. So, if you open an account with this firm, you will be able to experience trading with both of these amazing methods.

You will find that many online brokerage firms do not support a lot of instruments of trade. Some of the leading brokers in the industry are mostly forex or crypto brokers. While these have their own benefits, they are not very suitable for new traders as they are highly volatile markets. So, if you are a new trader you should look for firms that support various different assets as it allows you to find what makes sense to you the most. Moreover, they are also great for when you want to develop a diverse trade portfolio.

·         Diverse Account Types

Multiple account type is a common feature among brokerage firms that are designed so that traders of different backgrounds can choose an account according to their background. So, you will find that the typical number of account types that are available range from 5-6 accounts. However, upon close inspection, you will notice that there is not much difference between the first three accounts. It’s a trend that many firms follow to seem more accommodating to different types of traders.

Genesis11 provides three different account types to its users; Mini, Classic, and Premium. Let’s take a look at how these account types differ.

Mini Account

This account requires an initial deposit of $500. This value is slightly higher than what most broker offer, however, it is compensated by the features that are available for it. You may have noticed that the basic account with other brokers rarely has access to any special features that are offered to other accounts. However, the Mini account on this broker has an impressive list of features for beginner traders.

Classic Account

This account is designed for skilled investors and requires an initial deposit of $5,000 which is a remarkable increase from the first account. The features that this account can access are more in number than the mini account.

Premium Account

At an initial deposit of $20,000, the premium account is best suited for advanced trading or experienced investors who want the whole package of what Genesis11 has to offer. This account offers all the services of this broker as well as some VIP benefits.

·         Great Leverage

Leverage is a great feature that makes trading exciting. It allows you to invest in more than your current range and reach for goals faster. Do you want to know what is so great about leverages? Well, when a broker offers you leveraged trading, it basically means that it will contribute to your investments as support. That is why traders get so excited when they see that leverage is being offered. Scammers use impressive leverage rates to lure traders to trade with them as looking at large leverages can sway people. However, when you see a leverage rate that is too good to be true, then it is probably not true, to begin with.

Genesis offers leverage up to 1:200 which is an impressive rate. If you don’t understand what leverages mean, then let me explain in a simple way. Taking the value of this broker, for every $1 that you invest in an opening, the broker will add $200. This allows you to invest in bigger assets and in turn earn bigger profits. However, it is not always guaranteed that you will make profits so you should be careful when trading. If you lose your pace and invest in more than what you can offer, then it gets risky. You may end up with a loss more than what you can offer. Therefore, it is best not to invest in larger or multiple assets if you are new as it may lead to your downfall.

·         Algo Trading

Algo trading is an auto-trading feature that allows you to maintain your position even when you are not active on the feed. This means that you will have access to the financial market 24.7 without actually being stuck in front of the computer. You can set your limitations and conditions under which you normally trade and the broker will trade on your behalf following those conditions. You will find that more and more brokerage firms are incorporating Algo Trading into their systems because it is the apparent future of online trading.

The advanced trading platform of Genesis11 also includes this feature of Algo Trading which deserved an honorary mention. Because, really, it is a great tool that is programmed to make accurate decisions based on the information from the markets. You cannot sit in front of your computer to not miss out on any openings, this is when you can depend on this automated trading feature. In your absence, and under the set of conditions that you provided, the broker will enter openings for you. Moreover, another benefit of Algo trading is that it will make accurate and quick decisions based on statistics and data. Both of these elements are important in markets with high volatility. So, if you want to try investing in cryptocurrencies, you can use the Algo trading feature to ensure fast and accurate investment decisions. Algo trading is especially useful for trading in markets with high volatility.

You can tell that the trading platform of this broker was developed with the most advanced tools and software considering the level of this futuristic trading feature.


This broker is a great choice for anyone looking forward to a stress-free trading experience. You will find many other beneficial features and services of this brokerage firm if you sign up with a trial account. You can try out all the features that this firm has to offer as well as take a look inside the financial markets with the demo account feature.

If you are having trouble finding the right brokerage firm, then I highly recommend that you consider Genesis11. It is a great choice for new traders as well as experienced traders as it offers features and rates that suit them both.

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