Finetero Review – Is Finetero Scam or Legit?

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Choosing a company to trade with is a big decision, so you should take your time and make your choice with a calm mind. You really should not rush into selecting just any broker because most of the time particular companies target specific kinds of traders. That being said, I think Finetero is a great choice for new traders. If you still have doubts then, you can try out the features of this brokerage firm by registering with a demo account before making your decision.

Finetero Review

Thanks to the internet, we enjoy a level of worldwide connectivity that could not even be imagined around a decade ago. Today you can do so many important things such as paying bills, hold meetings, and even run businesses from home. And when you have the facility to make your life easier, you should use it to the maximum. Lately, earning through online businesses and jobs has become a major way of earning income. This is especially noticeable in the increasing amount of traders joining online brokerage firms. There are so many trading companies that exist as online entities and can be trusted to provide authentic trading.

As an online trader, I have spent many hours trading with different trading companies. And let me tell you when I was new to the financial market, I did not have an easy time finding the right trading firms. So, with my experience to back me, I have decided to talk about one of the best choices of brokers for new traders. Finetero is an online brokerage firm that is an excellent choice for both new and experienced traders. It is among the top online trading firms and has made a good reputation in the financial market since its launch in 2010. So, without any further ado, let’s get into our Finetero review today and talk about how this broker maintains its leading position in the market.

Features of Finetero That Make It a Top Broker

MetaTrader4 and SIRIX Trading Platform

The trading platform is one of the most, if not the most, important things you should look for in a broker. I make this firm statement because you will spend the entirety of your time on the trading platform which the firm provides. This means that everything that you do as a trader, you will do through the trading platform. So, it is essential to pay special attention to the trading platform that the broker offers.

Finetero not only offers you one but two of the most in-demand trading platforms in the industry. You can trade using the MetaTrader4 which is one of my personal favorites. MT4 is one of the best platforms that your broker can offer you. If you are not familiar with this particular trader then, I recommend that you do some research on it. There are so many dimensions to these trading platforms that I cannot explain them in just a few words. The other trading platform that Finetero offers you is called SIRIX. This is also a really popular trading platform that offers you a seamless trading experience. Both of these platforms are packed with advanced trading tools and are very user-friendly. The easy navigation of the platforms allows you to get comfortable with it very quickly.

What’s more, you can access these trading platforms through various devices. For desktops and laptops, you can use the web-trader or download the software on your device. Furthermore, Android and iOS applications for smartphones, tablets, and iPads have also been developed. You can download them easily through the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

Proper Leverage

You will have come across this term many times if you have been researching various brokers. This is because many trading firms offer leverages to attract customers and keep their current traders happy. So, what exactly is leverage and how is it beneficial for traders? If I explain this to you in simple terms then, leverage is basically the broker’s contribution to your trade cost. So, the company adds some amount to the total cost of the investment to help you trade with it. That is why companies offer high leverage rates to lure customers to sign up with their firm.

However, the one thing that you must know about is that it is very risky to trade with leverages, especially if you are a new trader. While leverages offer huge returns, it also means that the losses you will face if the investment is a flop will be equally as huge.

Finetero offers you a leverage rate that is not very high nor too low. In fact, I think that this rate is the perfect starting point for new traders as it will keep them from going overboard with their investments. The leverage that this trading firm offers you of 1:30 on a regular trading account. If you register with professional accounts, then the leverage goes as high as 1:200. See what I mean when I say that this broker is right for newbies as well as professionals?

A unique feature of the leverage Finetero offers is that it also offers Bitcoin leverage. Now, I was really surprised to come across this feature as it is not a common one. This is a great tool that this brokerage firm offers which allows you to invest with a little more budget in the cryptocurrency market.

CFD Trading

CFD, short for Contract for Difference, trading is one of the best things a trading firm can offer you. It allows you to invest in assets without actually using your money. Now, you might be wondering how are the investments processes if not through payment? Well, let me tell you about how CFD trading works. As you can tell from the name, CFDs are contracts that you make with the broker. These contracts are signed under a set of conditions and for a limited time period. After the set time period ends, you see the market value of the asset and get the returns according to the difference in the price of the asset from when the contract started.

CFDs are a great way to invest in multiple assets at a time which contributes to a fast buildup of your trade portfolio. Finetero offers you the feature of trading with CFDs so, you can use this feature to chase your financial goals at a faster pace. This is possible because you will not be using money to make investments which gives you higher liquidity. Finetero lets you use CFD trading with all of its assets and warns you about the dangers of using CFDs in volatile market conditions. I think that as long as you pace yourself, you can use CFDs to make a good presence in the financial industry.

Forex Trading

Forex trading is one of the most popular forms of trading. Forex is actually a combination of the words “foreign” and “exchange” so, forex trading is basically the trade of different currencies. Forex trading is a very profitable market and is known to give huge returns to those who closely monitor the currency rates. So, if you want to be a successful forex trader, then you need to be very familiar with the world economy and also need to stay updated with the political happenings of the world. The forex market value is highly dependent on the social conditions of the world.

Finetero is one of the top forex brokers and offers you a large range of currency pairs to trade with. Forex trade is conducted in specific pairs of currency so you cannot pick any two currencies of your choice to trade. Some of the most popular forex pairs that Finetero supports include EUR/USD, USD/JYP, AUD/USD, etc. You can trade using leverage and increase your chances of high returns with Finetero.

Other Trading Instruments

As I mentioned earlier, this trading company is a great choice for both new traders as well as professional ones. I repeat this point since the impressive list of trade instruments is one of the reasons for it. Finetero offers you a variety of assets that you can trade with. With these multiple options, you can see what trading with different assets is like and find which ones bring you the most returns. Every trader has their own favorite asset because each trader is different from the other. Furthermore, with this variety, you can create a versatile portfolio of your trade.

In addition to forex, the trading firm supports cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, and stocks. Cryptocurrencies, as you may already know, are cyber-money which were introduced in 2009 in the form of bitcoin. Since then, many new currencies this cyber-money have emerged and most of them are supported by Finetero. Similarly, this broker also supports a varying list of assets under commodities, indices, and stocks.

An interesting trade instrument that Finetero supports is that of a saving account. A saving account is an interest-bearing account that gives your interest on the deposit that you make. You don’t even need to be an active trader to earn through this account. So, if you want to make money through online trading but are not confident in your skills, you can start with a saving account. You may have to deposit a slightly large amount as the initial deposit, however, the interest that you earn over time will surely make up for it.

Fully Regulated Brokerage Firm

Regulations are what help determine whether you should trust the brokerage firm at all or not. So, what makes regulations so important, is what you must be thinking. I will explain to you just why it is so important for the firm to be regulated. Regulations are third-party authorities that monitor the activities of the company to make sure that it is not messing around with your money. Basically, regulations are put in place to protect your money from hackers, unauthorized personnel who have hacked into the firm’s software, and from the broker itself.

You can trust Finetero to keep your money safe because it is a fully regulated brokerage firm and is monitored by some of the most reputable agencies. The regulations require Finetero to be in compliance with the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) policies. These policies require you to submit proof of identity before proceeding with any transaction operations. Moreover, it requires the trading firm to keep your fund in segregated accounts thereby, removing any access the broker could have to your funds.

Demo Account

The demo account option is one of the most useful features a brokerage firm can offer you. It is a very smart choice to try trading with a demo account before delving into the market with capital. There are many benefits of using a demo account. They allow you to participate in trade without putting your capital at risk. So, you can make pseudo-investments and get a feel of what it is like to trade with different assets. Furthermore, by practicing trading with a demo account, you will become familiar with what to expect when trading in real-time.

Your comfort with the trading platform plays an important role in the success rate of your decisions. So, you should always use this amazing feature to familiarize yourself with the different features of the platform. If you are a new trader with no background in trading with brokers then, the probability of you using the trading tools correctly is very low. So, you should practice the different tools that the platform offers you and learn how to use them in the most effective manner. In addition, the real-time financial market is a fast-paced and stressful environment. Demo accounts create market simulations that allow you to practice trading in real-time markets.

I can go on and on about the benefits of demo accounts, but I think I have made enough points to give you a basic idea of the importance of it.

Final Thoughts

After reading about the features of Finetero, you can see the evidence of why it is among the top trading firms. Finetero is a great choice for experienced and novice traders, all the same because the quality of the services it offers can be molded to the requirements of different traders.

Choosing a company to trade with is a big decision, so you should take your time and make your choice with a calm mind. You really should not rush into selecting just any broker because most of the time particular companies target specific kinds of traders. That being said, I think Finetero is a great choice for new traders. If you still have doubts then, you can try out the features of this brokerage firm by registering with a demo account before making your decision.

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