Cryptocurrency Exchanges in South Korea are Re-opening their Customer Centers

According to the latest reports, Coinone has announced that it is re-opening its customer center that had been offline for a while. Coinone has confirmed that its customer center is in Seoul and will start offering support to customers at the earliest.

Coinone is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea and currently ranks number four in terms of trade volumes and market capitalization.

One of the local media sources from South Korea has confirmed some details about Coinone’s customer center. The source has revealed that this is not the first time the exchange is opening up a customer center.

Prior to this, Coinone had opened up its customer center back in 2017 for the customers. However, Coinone did not go with the new service for very long and ended up shutting the customer down.  The firm had revealed that managing the customer center required a lot of resources and attention.

At that time, Coinone exchange announced that it had to shut down the customer centers. The firm revealed that at that point, they did not feel the need to keep up with the concept of the customer center.

The firm had revealed it wanted to focus on other major projects that it already had launched or were in the pipeline. Therefore, a lid was put on top of the customer centers until it was possible to launch customer centers. However, now that other sectors are doing well, Coinone aims to launch the customer centers and focus its resources on the particular field.

The reason behind opening up a customer center is the amount of growth the exchange has observed in the past 6 months. Ever since the end of the last year 2020, the cryptocurrency industry has been flying high. This means that more investors are joining the cryptocurrency platform on a regular basis.

The first quarter of 2021 has turned out even more in favor of cryptocurrency and exchange adoption rates. The exchange has revealed that the number of users they have received in the first quarter of 2021 is 20 times more than what the usual influx is.

Therefore, in order to cater to the needs of this many users, the exchange had to re-open its customer center. According to one of the crypto-data analyzing firms, Coinone currently has more than two million users using its services. The exchange executives have also revealed that to handle such a large number of users, the exchange has also doubled its staff.

Coinone is not the only cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea that has re-opened its customer centers for users. Another big cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea called “Bithumb” has done something similar. The exchange has reportedly reopened its customer centers in the capital to cater to the needs of its customers.

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