Jesse Frohman’s Unrevealed Photoshoot of Kurt Cobain Up For Sale through an NFT

The last photoshoot of the departed main member of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, is to be sold in an NFT auction by Jesse Frohman – an acclaimed photographer – after three days. Auction money will be received in Ethereum and the photoshoot of the departed soul has been claimed to be never seen before by anyone except for the photographer himself.

Those who were young in the late ’80s and early ’90s were once in immense love with the famous US rock band named Nirvana. The main member of the band was the band’s lead singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain. In the 80’s era, Nirvana was the globally popular and number one rock band in the world. In the alternative rock music industry, Cobain was regarded as the focal person of Generation X. He was also amongst the few who were considered as highly influential musicians of the world.

Cuban was the most successful musician of his time but his popularity was in fact his worst enemy. Unfortunately, at the age of 27, he was found dead in his own house in Seattle on 8 April 1994. The forensic report suggested that Cuban had committed suicide and had in fact died three days ago i.e. 5 April 1994. After his death, Cuban was accredited by the music industry, which inducted deceased Cuban in the Hall of Fame, Rock & Roll category.

Now the unseen photoshoot of the dead American musician has been intended to be sold through an auction comprising over an NFT. The globally acclaimed photographer, Jesse Frohman, has informed that he would like to sell Cuban’s iconic photographs. He has claimed that the photographs of Cuban available with him were never ever seen by any public eye, except for himself. He has further claimed that he had the opportunity to photoshoot Cuban a year ago prior to Cuban committing suicide.

For the purposes of selling NFT containing Cuban’s unseen photographs, Frohman has also developed a website. On this website, Frohman has shared at least 100 photographs of Cuban in low-resolution format. The low-resolution format has been deliberately shared so that the people can have an idea as to what they will be buying.

Frohman has informed that the NFT comprises of unseen negatives as well as a contact sheet relating to the deceased musician. The high-resolution formats will be sold to the buyers only, suggested Frohman.

It was furthermore informed by Frohman that the sale would be held on 3 May 2021. In addition, those willing to purchase the NFT would be required to pay in Ethereum. The opening bid price has been kept at 27.27 ETH. The figure “27” represents the age when Cuban left behind multi-millions of his fans grieving across the globe. Even today, millions of music lovers remember him as one of the biggest musicians of the century.

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