Duffy Aims At Eliminating Cryptic From Crypto Through Podcast

Jim Duffy is regarded as one of the esteemed crypto enthusiasts who hails from Scotland.

The entrepreneur has recently sent live his podcast which is his debut podcast. Through the podcast, Duffy has stated that he is on the mission of eliminating the element of “cryptic” from the digital world. He was of the view that there is too much hype created against the crypto industry which created a sense of “cryptic”. However, according to him, this so-called “cryptic” is manmade and in fact deliberate for hampering cryptocurrencies’ growth.

In his podcast message, he said that the contents of the podcast are not specifically about the leading crypto coin and other crypto assets. How is Bitcoin leading from the front and whether or not the crypto industry is dominated by males, are not the issues at hand, said Duffy. But the ultimate aim of using podcasts is to bring more clarity to the people who want to become part of the crypto industry. The purpose is to explain to the world that the crypto world isn’t scary but in fact it has been projected as scary by people with ulterior motives. He said that rather digital world is a place for all where everyone can be part of and can earn while having fun.

He explained that the show is aimed towards a greater audience and explaining to them that today crypto has gone mainstream. He added that in the crypto world there is always much space available for anyone to be a part of with ease and convenience.

Duffy’s nephew, Jordan, who was co-hosting the podcast with his uncle, also sent his message through the podcast. He stated that crypto assets are for everyone, including grandparents, parents, and grandchildren. It is a world whose arms are always open for everyone irrespective of status, cast,e or creed, said Jordan. He added that the youth crypto industry is something which they should really look for because it is booming immensely.

Zumo’s director, Amelie Arras, who had directed the podcast, also said that Zumo’s mission is to work for the betterment of the blockchain industry. Arras added that there are multifarious benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrencies that can be availed by anyone. But in order to ensure the fulfillment of this mission, it is essential that the “cryptic” is eliminated from the crypto industry.

She added further that she enjoys working with Duffy and the rest of the team. On the occasion, she also urged more women to come and join the crypto world for refuting the so-called claims that crypto is for men only.

In the end, Duffy concluded that it is not an easy task to eliminate “cryptic”. It will take some time but he said that he is hopeful that he and his team will get over it soon.

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