Southampton FC Players Can Now Get Performance Bonuses In BTC

According to several sources, Southampton FC club from the Premier League has managed to strike a new crypto-based sponsorship deal with betting platform Sportsbet.

The deal will help players receive Crypto-based match bonuses for showing outstanding performance in matches. The players will have a much flexible way of receiving bonuses at the end of the season. This will facilitate the players who are interested in cryptocurrency rather than standard pounds/dollars. Bitcoin is still currently the king of all crypto, currently hovering at a whopping $57,000, so the option to get paid in it will surely turn a lot of heads.

This extended partnership is one of the most important steps that the club has taken in history, so Southampton FC has stated that it wants to gain every possible advantage produced by the use of the highly demanded currency alongside the sponsorship. The club seeks every potential benefit that the partnership can generate, meanwhile also building a formidable reputation in the overall league for trying to use innovative facilitation methods for its players.

Both Southampton FC and Sportsbet have been partners recently, previously signing an initial sponsorship advertisement deal last year. With this new deal, Sportsbet will also have to include player bonuses with the regular sponsorship payment. With the amount of traffic that Sportsbet has, there is no doubt that it can handle these new bonuses pretty effectively. Not only will this help Southhampton FC, but it will also help Sportsbet gain a lot newer user base. The Premier League is very popular, so fans from all around the globe can use the betting platform to engage with each other.

Crypto and the Sports Industry

Crypto has definitely seen quite a substantial boost in popularity when it comes to the sports industry. A lot of players, teams, and sports organizations from all kinds of sports have been taking quite a serious interest in the crypto space, mainly due to the crypto market’s rise in worldwide popularity. For example, if we take a look at probably the world’s most famous football club, FC Barcelona, the club introduced its own unique token for its fan to engage and enjoy trading on, giving power and providing value to the crypto market.

There is no doubt that more clubs will try to strike deals like this, speculating at the bright future and global dominance of crypto space, which already seems to look like reality.

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