Meta Dragon City (DRAGON) to Hit a High of $0.00000002997 and a Low of $0.000000002723

At the time of launch, the value of Meta Dragon City (DRAGON) was at $0.000000001158 per DRAGON. From the time of its launch, Meta Dragon City has reached up to a unit price of $0.000000004712 per DRAGON. The data from CoinMarketCap shows that it is due to the strong buying power of DRAGON by investors that has pushed its price this high.

The analysis suggests that Meta Dragon City has witnessed a 312.98% surge in a 24-hour window to push it so far. However, this is not the end for the high trend of Meta Dragon City, as the data is hinting towards an uptrend for Meta Dragon City.

This means that in the upcoming days, Meta Dragon City would continue experiencing a rise in its value and demand. As demand rises, Meta Dragon City’s trading volume would also experience a significant rise. The particular situation would result in pushing Meta Dragon City’s to higher levels.

For now, the trading volume for Meta Dragon City is at $142,762 and its volume is expected to rise at a high scale in near future. The bulls seem to be highly motivated in pushing Meta Dragon City’s price higher and do not let the bears take the lead at all.

The performance scale for Meta Dragon City is also pointing towards a bullish trend. The RSI and moving averages are also providing more assurance to the investors to carry on with the buying sentiments. This would eventually help increase Meta Dragon City’s value and demand in the market.

As the situation becomes more supportive for the bulls, they would start adding more power to Meta Dragon City acquisitions. This would result in pushing Meta Dragon City over the first resistance mark of $0.00000001208 per DRAGON.

At the moment, the RSI for Meta Dragon City is moving close to the midline (53), which means it may experience a surge at a lower level. If investors keep on siding with the bulls, Meta Dragon City may rise over the second resistance mark of $0.00000002154.

As the interest of investors keeps rising in acquiring Meta Dragon City, its price may grow over the third resistance line of $0.00000002997.

If it is not a positive run, then it would be the negative run for Meta Dragon City. The data suggests that the bears may keep attacking the bulls at every resistance mark to drag Meta Dragon City’s price lower. If the bears succeed, then Meta Dragon City may get pulled down to $0.000000003769.

If the bears keep pressuring the bulls and they end up giving in, Meta Dragon City’s price may dip to $0.000000003204 under those circumstances.

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