Price Analysis of BITGATTI (BITGATTI), Vive La Bouje (VIVE), and more Cryptocurrencies

The value of BITGATTI (BITGATTI) has reportedly been pushed down by the bears in the past 24-hours, as a result of a huge plummet. At the time of writing, the price of BITGATTI is down by 41.37%. The value of BITGATTI has reportedly sunk to $0.0000000002212 per BITGATTI.

As the bears are increasing their selling power, the investors are pulling away from their investments in BITGATTI. This has created a huge whirlpool, where every investors’ investments are getting drained. As a result, the dip is growing bigger, and the investors have started resorting to negative sentiments.

Keeping the current trend of BITGATTI into consideration, the analysts have predicted that BITGATTI may sink to $0.0000000001296 per BITGATTI. If the selling spree remains constant and the investors keep selling BITGATTI at the same rate, then BITGATTI may sink to $0.0000000001028.

As the bears keep increasing their selling pressure, and the activity intensifies, the RSI would dive deeper into the negative territory. This would result in pushing BITGATTI down to the third support benchmark of $0.00000000009221 per BITGATTI.

Vive La Bouje (VIVE) is also traveling within the negative territory and the investors are now siding with the bears. This has formed a huge selling spree that has started dragging the value of Vive La Bouje to the lower levels. According to data, the value of Vive La Bouje has been pushed down by 41.07% in the past 24-hours. The outcome of the 24-hour plummet is that the value of Vive La Bouje has come down to $1.50.

At present, the majority of the investors are bearish and they would prefer selling Vive La Bouje than accumulating them. Currently, no sign of recovery is in sight for Vive La Bouje, which means that the investors would keep losing confidence, and keep selling Vive La Bouje.

This would result in sinking the price of Vive La Bouje down to the strong support benchmark of $0.8839 per VIVE. As the investors keep selling Vive La Bouje, the price of Vive La Bouje, may fall deeper down to $0.7023 per VIVE.

If the performance scale for Vive La Bouje moves to the “strong sell” sentiments, then Vive La Bouje’s price may fall deeper down to $0.6302 per VIVE.

ThePiggyGarden (TPG) is also moving within the negative territory where the investors are siding with selling sentiments. Even the RSI is supporting the downtrend and it is moving deeper into the negative territory. This means that ThePiggyGarden would continue dipping until it reaches the third strong support mark.

As of now, ThePiggyGarden’s price is at $0.0187 per TPG, having observed a 40.15% dip in the past 24-hours. If the sentiments of the investors do not move into the positive zone, then ThePiggyGarden’s price may remain in the negative zone. This would result in pushing ThePiggyGarden down to $0.01209 per TPG.

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