Mike Novogratz Urges Leading Crypto Exchanges For Enlisting “Satoshis” – The Least Unit of Bitcoin

“SATS” which is also known by the name “satoshis” is the least unit of Bitcoin. An easy way to understand SATS is that it can be regarded as a “cent” which is a piece and parcel of a dollar bill. Similarly, if one were to take out one cent from Bitcoin, then it would look like this i.e. 0.00000001. However, there are only a few in the crypto industry, which recognize SATS or satoshis.

Mike Novogratz, who is a well-known crypto investor and Bitcoin bullish, is currently been arguing that crypto exchanges should enlist satoshis. He is of the view that there is no shame in enlisting the least unit of Bitcoin because it has a value of US$ 0.0005711 approximately.

In his latest tweets, Bitcoin bullish was seen commenting that the time has come to return to the basics e.g. satoshis. He stated that every day people come to him and say that Bitcoin has become too much expensive. He then suggested that he would like to see an exchange enlisting SATS and wondered who would be the first.

Novogratz’s tweet message was then tagged and shared with top-of-the-line crypto trading platforms as well as their key personnel. The first person from the leading crypto exchanges was Dan Held belonging to Kraken. Dan Held posed a question to his company’s CEO, Jesse Powell, and asked him to share his thought on Novogratz’s idea. In response, Powell said that the idea looks great but he needed time because he cannot decide a policy decision without consultation.

However, Powell suggested further that Bitcoin lovers are more into Bitcoin rather than what its least unit is called. He said that for the time being he cannot take the risk of confusing the large majority of Bitcoiners. Yet at the same time, it is a matter, which should not be brushed under the carpet, suggested Powell.

In the meanwhile, Novogratz’s tweet continued to be tagged and shared with thousands of people. In a single day alone, his tweet was liked by more than 10 thousand people and has been retweeted 1100 times.

After Novogratz’s tweet, an online platform known as coinmarketcap.com has designated a specific space for SATS. At this place, those who wish to know the exact value of SATS can see the value in US Dollar. At coinmarketcap.com, visitors can also examine SATS value into other top fiat currencies such as Euro, GBP, JPY, and Canadian Dollars, etc.

The website has further shown that on 14 April 2021, SATS recorded their best ever value which reached US$ 0.000642.

However so far there has not been any single crypto trading platform thata has enlisted SATs at their platforms. However, the topic is currently one of the most debated and argued topics gaining a lot of attention across the globe.

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