Spend £30 & earn a Chance to Own Bitcoin at Papa John’s UK

UK pizza lovers’ dreams have come true. Now they have equal opportunity to eat their most favorite pizza from Papa John’s while winning a Bitcoin as well. Only those will win a chance to earn a Bitcoin who have spent at least £30 or above.

Papa John’s pizza is a pizza brand hailing hailed from the US, yet it is one of the most favorite pizzas in the UK. Papa John’s was established in the year 1984 by a man named John Schnatter, who was later known as “Papa”. Since its inception from a single branch, now Papa John’s is a franchise that is amongst the largest known food franchises in the world.

Pizza made by Papa John’s was an instant hit in America and it continued to expand by opening up branches in various parts of the US. It soon started to give fair competition to one of the oldest pizza brand franchises namely Pizza Hut, which too is an American brand. However, Pizza Hut was a legendary brand and is dominating the franchise industry since 1958 with over 19,000 franchises across the globe. Similarly, Papa John’s global expansion is one that is also remarkable. As of today, Papa John’s has more than 5300 branches wherein approximately 4,456 are established globally in almost 44 countries.

British have a special appetite for pizza and on weekends, pizza is the most saleable fast food item in the UK. This figure has been further increased because of the lockdown situation. People in the UK as well as in the world are ordering food mostly online and the food business is reaping.

Now this amazing US pizza franchise has launched a promotional scheme for its customers in the UK. Papa John’s is actually giving away Bitcoin to its customers. However, for a customer to earn a chance to win a Bitcoin they are required to spend £30 or more. This limited-time offer will end on 16 May 2021 as has been informed on the official webpage of Papa John’s.

This is amazing entirely for Papa John’s customer base in the UK. By spending £30, a customer will be entitled to own £10 in Bitcoin while a further £15 discount on the total spending i.e. £30 or any amount over and above £30.

For rewarding the customers to win a Bitcoin, Papa John’s has obtained services of a crypto entity called Luno. Luno has been tasked by Papa John’s to ensure that every customer who spends £30, be given a £15 discount and £10 worth ownership in Bitcoin.

Luno is one of the most popular global crypto trading platforms having developed establishments in 40 countries, including in the UK as well. All that a Papa John’s customer would need to do is visit Luno’s official website and download the mobile app. After downloading, create a login and enter the code given by Papa John’s in the reward tab.

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