Student Coin (STC) Token Is Now Listed on Exchange

Student Coin (STC) got itself listed on’s Exchange recently. Trades already started to take place on the platform on 13 May 2021. At’s Exchange, STC will be traded with Ethereum, Bitcoin, and USDT.

STC is a new entrant in the digital asset industry as it is also a piece and parcel of a blockchain system and will serve a crypto purpose. A group of students primarily develops it and therefore STC has been given the name “Student Coin”. The main purpose of developing this unique crypto coin was to allow crypto users to use STC for seeking out loans from financial institutions. The coin was intended to be used by both, individuals as well as an institutional sector for the onward developing STC-based tokens of their own. Thereafter, the sacked STC were to be sold by engaging with crowdfunding campaigns.

In addition, faculties and students that are members of at least 20 different universities and research institutions would operate STC. Three major universities of the STC project, which are globally popular as well, are Harvard, New York, and Kozminski universities.

The objective of the STC project is to allow blockchain and tokens to go mainstream. For this purpose, STC has provided a unique platform where the users can perform tokenization on a much larger and bigger scale. In simple words, STC has developed a diverse ecosystem for everyone which is not only easy to use but will be accepted globally.

In addition, the system will equip corporations, organizations, and individuals with the expertise that they can develop tokens on their own. They will not be requiring any help or assistance from anyone.

After a day of its launch, STC has been enlisted with one of the popular exchanges hosted by It was stated by’s CEO, Danish Chaudhry that he had always believed in universities, research institutions, and people working at such facilites. He said mass adoption of crypto and blockchain can only be done through education. He thanked the students and faculties for developing such an amazing futuristic project.

In the end, Chaudhry hoped that enlistment of STC would certainly allow them to capitalize from the crypto market.

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