PayBack Ltd Review – All You Need To Know About This Fund Recovery Service

PayBack Ltd Review

PayBack Ltd is an experienced funds recovery firm that has been providing its services for more than a decade now. It is famous in the market for its recovery method and remarkable winning percentage. Read this piece of writing thoroughly because, in this PayBack Ltd review, I will tell you about the things which have made this firm so prominent in the respective market.

In the online trading market, hundreds of options are available for traders to choose from. Most of the platforms are providing very good and reliable services, but some of them have joined this market with ulterior motives. These scammers somehow manage to trap innocent people who come into this market to make their dreams come true. In such types of cases, the victims become helpless because they made the mistake of signing up with an unregistered broker who cannot be grappled by regulatory authorities.

The aim of PayBack Ltd is to help these traders who have been swindled and cheated by fake online brokerage platforms. Before 2017, PayBack Ltd had been working as a risk management company, but now it has been working as a chargeback firm for the last four years. It is fighting for a good cause. That is why its customer response is very impressive, and thousands of testimonials are available on the internet. So far, it has successfully retrieved money from more than 6,500 traders from fraudsters.

Services Provided By PayBack Ltd

The primary service which PayBack Ltd provides is a consultation to all of the people who contact the firm. The first consultation is provided completely free of cost. When you contact the firm, its claim analyst will ask you some questions to understand your case, and then he will tell you about the procedure which PayBack Ltd follows.

The scam victims can try to recover their money on their own, but in this way, the chances of winning will be lower. The recovery attempt can be made only once because after the first attempt. The culprits will run away. This is why it is not a good idea to alert them and lose your chance. In addition, PayBack Ltd has hired highly professional traders and investigators who are experienced in such matters. Hiring this team will provide you with maximum chances of success in recovering the lost money. That is why I recommend you to utilize your one and only chance in a better way.

PayBack Ltd is providing refund services in Forex trading, Binary Options, Stock Exchange and Cryptocurrencies. It has outlined some of the most common and repeated frauds so that you don’t get trapped in any of these.


While trading In the Forex market, you should be aware of some famous kinds of scams such as:

Signal Services: Most brokerage platforms provide signal services that predict the market movements in advance. This service can be used to find if a broker is scam or proper. You can spot a fake signal service by the following signs: If the subscription fee is too high or too low, if the predictions never come true or if it provides broker-tied signals.

Spread Markups And Commissions: Fake brokers try to manipulate the bidding process and demand price after adding markup to increase the base price. By this tactic, they earn more on every trade you make, but you can find a fake broker by giving proper attention.

Binary Options

Some common scams related to binary options are:

Scam Trading Accounts: The noticeable features of such accounts may include:

  • Higher than usual ROI.
  • They ask that an initial deposit is mandatory without even giving a demonstration and lure the clients with a promise of the welcome bonus.
  • If the client is not making any profits, still they ask to make more deposits.

Trading Software: Some brokers provide aiding tools that aim to increase the trading status of clients from beginner to professional by only clicking a link. These tools are a sure sign of scams that are created to siphon the funds of traders.

Stock Trading

Some famous stock market scams are as follows:

Education Scams: To satisfy the traders and create a good impression, fake brokers display themselves as educational trading platforms. Usually, they offer the four-step procedure to do this.

  1. The traders are contacted to register themselves in a training course which will enhance their status from a newbie to an expert.
  2. Clients are given a discount by the pose that this discount is especially for you and it is limited.
  3. After sign up, they ask for more fees to teach advanced trading secrets.
  4. The course fee doubles without even teaching anything to the client.

Refusal To Process Withdrawal: The sole purpose of fake brokers is to swallow your money. That is why they never approve withdrawal requests. But they never openly refuse to return the money. They make lame excuses and gimmicks.

  • They usually claim that they are unable to verify your identity.
  • They ask traders to deposit more money to verify their identity.
  • They outline terms and conditions which were not agreed upon by the trader.
  • They stop taking calls and block traders from all communication channels.


Crypto trading frauds outlined by PayBack Ltd are as follows:

Advance Fee And Ponzi Schemes: Scammers pose themselves as royalties and lure the clients into depositing their cryptocurrency to make it double. Sometimes they make fake promises that some celebrity is offering a giveaway or requesting help to unlock a huge amount of money with a client’s smaller sum. Once the asset is sent, it vanishes forever.

Fake Exchanges: In this type of scam, they ask clients to buy more assets because they are giving a discount. When the money is transferred, you will never see it again. The conclusion is that the method of scammers’ changes, but the end result is the same for traders.

Yardstick For Assessing Trader’s Claims

When a trader contacts PayBack Ltd, first of all, it tries to figure out whether the claim is genuine or fake. After that, the claims analysts ask some questions to evaluate the nature of the scam. The questions may be as follows:

  • Which broker was the money sent to?
  • Which method of payment was used to transfer the money?
  • What is the location of the trader and the broker (if known)?
  • When was the transaction made, and to which account?

If the victim is able to provide answers to these questions, then he has a very good chance of getting his money back. In such cases, time is of utmost worth, which is why PayBack Ltd will collect the required documents and start the process on the same day. The documents will include transaction receipts, scammer’s webpage link and messages received from the broker.

Fee Schedule 

It is pertinent and obvious that only those traders contact recovery firms who have already lost their money. The victims go on the back foot financially. That is why PayBack Ltd charges its fee after the recovery of money. At the start, it only charges a processing fee which is very small and necessary to start the work. The initial fee usually remains between 500 to 1200 dollars, and the success fee is approximately 5 to 10 percent of the recovered money.

Cancellation Of Order And Refund

It is possible that victims may decide to withdraw the complaint or have a deal with the scammer on their own. In this case, they ask for a refund of their fee. In this type of case, PayBack Ltd returns the whole initial fee without even charging a service fee. This option proves the loyalty of the firm because this firm was created to solve the problems of traders, not to increase them. This is the reason that PayBack Ltd has received a rating of 4.4 stars and thousands of positive reviews and testimonials.

Customer Support Service

After filling a complaint, it is necessary for a trader to stay in touch with the firm if any further information is needed from both ends. The customer support agents of PayBack Ltd are very responsive and supportive. They give proper time and attention to the traders and help them in every possible way.

For this purpose, the customers support service of PayBack Ltd remains available 24 hours a day through email as well as phone numbers. It has provided four separate contact numbers, which are based in Israel, UK, the US and Australia. The calls are forwarded to recovery agents if needed.

The head office of the firm can also be visited, which is located in Israel because it is an Israel based company. The timing of office visiting hours is 9 AM to 6 PM GMT, and the office remains closed on Saturdays.


I have tried my best to transfer all the important information about this firm to you. The firm has a strict procedure to recover the money, which it follows at any cost. Its team of lawyers is capable of fighting your case inside as well as outside the courtroom. The fee of this amazing firm is also very reasonable, and on top of everything, it provides a robust customer support service. Keeping all these plus points in mind, I suggest you this firm for funds recovery, but I leave the final decision on you.

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