Price Analysis of Alpine F1 Team Fan Token (ALPINE) and OBRok Token (OBROK)

Alpine F1 Team Fan Token (ALPINE) is among the most outstanding cryptocurrencies in the past 24-hours, in terms of gains. The investors have shown real determination in favor of ALPINE, as they have pushed its price much higher than its recent price by 135.75%.

The investors paying close attention to ALPINE would know well that it was observing a low price of $3.4 on March 2. Up until yesterday, its value had plummeted to a low of $2.27. However, the formation of the buyers in the past 24-hours has pushed it higher and as of now, the value observed is $5.47 per ALPINE.

ALPINE on Track to Hit $9.29

According to analysis for ALPINE, it is still growing higher in terms of a rally and if the buyers keep it up, then its value may elevate significantly. The trend line for ALPINE is currently indicating a negative trend, but the constant buying power of the investors may change it.

If the bulls manage to alter the trend as well as the RSI and move average channels towards the positive zone, then the situation may change for ALPINE.

If the bulls succeed, then they may cross the $6 per ALPINE mark quite early, and set a course for $7.32. The sellers may increase their efforts at this point to make a difference and drive ALPINE to the lower levels.

However, if the elevation increases in the buying power of the bulls, then it may end up growing up to $8.56 per ALPINE. As the bulls hit the second resistance level, the neutral investors may reveal their bullish sentiments by rapidly acquiring ALPINE.

Such a rapid attempt made by the investors may succeed in pushing ALPINE up to its third resistance mark of $9.29.

OBRok Token Observes 106.58% Rally

OBRok Token (OBROK) is also running a high rally as its value has elevated 106.58% in the 24h period. OBROK had been observing a constant dip in its value in the past 30-days but the bulls finally had enough of it. They showed true determination in changing the trend and pushing OBRok Token to higher levels.

Therefore, they formed a rally that has pushed OBRok Token from a low of $0.0000006659 to a high of $0.000001033.

At the moment, the bulls are eager to push the trend into their side. Therefore, they may continue applying more pressure over the OBRok Token bears displaying great accumulation power.

If the bulls are able to prove their might, then OBRok Token may grow up to its first strong resistance value of $0.000001583. If the bulls manage to trigger a positive trend, then OBRok Token may rise up to $0.000002539.

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