Price Analysis of Bridge$ (BRG.X) and Covid Doge (COVID DOGE)

Bridge$ Grows by 81.74%

The value of Bridge$ (BRG.X) has been growing at a fast rate in a 24-hour window. The data has revealed that the value of Bridge$ has elevated by 81.74%. Due to the soar, the value of Bridge$ is now exhibiting a unit price of $0.1296 per BRG.X.

The rally for Bridge$ has grown at quite the rate in the past 24-hours. The investors have been growing positive about the future price run for Bridge$. Therefore, it is highly likely that the investors may continue investing money in large volumes to elevate Bridge$’s value.

The RSI is the first target for the bulls that they are aiming to push higher than the midline. If the bulls manage to push the RSI into the desired territory, the price of Bridge$ may continue surging. As a result, the value of Bridge$ may grow up to $0.1825 per BRG.X.

As the bulls keep building more momentum and more neutral investors keep moving to the bullish side, Bridge$ may rise up to $0.2198 per BRG.X.

The moving averages and the oscillators being in the bullish zone also suggest that a cryptocurrency is bound for growth. Therefore, if BRG.X bulls manage to pull these factors into their corner, it would become a win, win situation. The price of Bridge$ may experience a boost given the fact that these factors move into bullish territory.

This way, the value of Bridge$ may grow up to a new resistance mark, which would be the major one for Bridge$. As of now, the major resistance mark for Bridge$ is $0.2423 per BRG.X.

Covid Doge Grows by 81.20%

Covid Doge has also become a successful cryptocurrency in the past 24-hours after observing a very high contribution from the positive investors. These investors have provided their full support to the bulls forming an 81.20% rally. Due to the rally, the worth of the COVID DOGE/USDT pair has raised to $0.06641 per COVID DOGE.

At present, the bulls are very determined about elevating the price of COVID DOGE to newer heights. Their aim is to push COVID DOGE enough to form more strong rallies that keep moving its price higher into the resistance levels.

As the trend remains consistent, the bulls may find success in shifting the moving averages and the RSI to the bullish zone. This would ensure growth for COVID DOGE in the positive territory hitting newer resistance benchmarks.

The first attempt that the bulls may make in elevating the value of COVID DOGE would be $0.09337. The bulls will need to ensure that if they want to keep pushing COVID DOGE’s price, they need to keep increasing their buying power. If the bulls manage to achieve that task successfully, the price of COVID DOGE may then grow up to $0.1237.

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